Humanitarian assistance to a deserving family

October 28, 2019

Showing humanitarian concern to the wellbeing of a deserving family, Sri Lanka Army troops of the Mechanized Infantry Regiment (MIR) provided a modified three-wheeler to an elderly person, on Friday (25).

According to Army media, the beneficiary of this benevolent act of the MIR troops is a father of four older children with physical and mental disability. The three-wheeler has been modified and made to suit their physical requirements of the children.

The modified three-wheeler was provided to the beneficiary with the support of some donors under the civil-military cooperation project after considering the plight of this deserving family. The beneficiary is the sole breadwinner who provides for his four older children and wife from a meagre income earned from running a small kiosk.

Colonel of the Regiment MIR and Director General Media, Major General Sumith Atapattu presented the modified three-wheeler to the beneficiary who is a resident Halmillewa, Dambulla, where the MIR is Headquartered.