Defence Ministry to upgrade Police Hospital with dialysis facilities

January 24, 2020

Fulfilling a long-felt need, the Defence Ministry will provide extra dialysis facilities, adequate medical and minor staff to the Police Hospital at Narahenpita.

Defence Secretary Maj. Gen. (Retd) Kamal Gunaratne assuring his fullest support to upgrade the Police Hospital, during his visit yesterday (23), said higher productivity of an institute could be achieved only when the employees were happy.

“In the Army, this is termed as morale. High morale increase productivity. Morale could be boosted through team spirit, training and improving individual skills but above all, there should be a strong leadership,” he said adding that the secret behind the war victory is the moral of the bottom line soldiers.

Referring to recent improvements made to the Kotalawela Defence University (KDU) Hospital, he said that under the present administration of the Defence Ministry, extra facilities were also provided to its cancer treatment department.

Maj. Gen. Gunaratne said the KDU Hospital, which was given less attention during the past administration, was now functioning under an experienced medical specialist and also upgraded with latest medical facilities.

“We will also upgrade the standards of Police Hospital similar to the KDU Hospital, he said.

Commending the contribution made by the Police and the STF in bringing peace to the country, Maj. Gen. Gunaratne said that not only the military but the whole nation was grateful to Police for maintaining law and order in the country during the war time.

Stressing that Police has the lion share of the mission of ensuring law abiding society and a disciplined country, Maj. Gen. Gunaratne said military was always there to assist the Police when required.

 “I observed immediate requirement of a dialysis unit and the need to fill the vacancies in medical and minor staff. I assure to clear the delay in getting dialysis equipment released soon,” he said after having visited to wards and other sections in the hospital.

Acting IGP C D Wickramaratne, Senior DIG Functional Jagath Abesiri Gunawardane, DIG Welfare Sanjeewa Dharmaratne, Director Police Hospital SSP Chamika Premasiri, doctors, nurses and staff member were also present during his visit.