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The Mission of Truth -2  

Striking the very best in humanity; LTTE's attack on World Heritage Site

In the first part of our mission, we brought our readers a true story, which was about to be buried unknown to the entire world, unless the team had dug deep into the incidents to find ground information on crimes against humanity committed by LTTE.

We confidently bring you the truth, nothing but the truth; it is said that the truth is stranger than fiction. They are perfectly grounded on evidences, but not just merely fabricated stories or allegations.

This is a story of the LTTE's brutal attack on the most Sacred Temple of Tooth Relic in the ancient city Kandy in 1998. The Temple, which houses the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha.

At 6:10 am on 25th January 1998, suicide carders of the LTTE exploded a massive truck bomb at the entrance to the Sri Dalada Maligawa (the most Sacred Temple of Tooth Relic) killing 8 persons including 2-year old infant and injuring about 25 others, all peaceful innocent civilians, who were on their way to offer alms at the temple that morning.

The savagely cruel and violent actions that were characteristic of the LTTE terrorists reached their highest levels with this ghastly event of bombing the one of the most sacred places of veneration of Buddhists across the world.

The entire world leadership had condemned the bomb blast on the sacred place; a UNESCO designated World Heritage Site.

The UN itself had condemned the outrage, day following the incident. The Spokesman on behalf of UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, New York, stated on 26 January 1998, "The Secretary General UN has learnt with outrage of the news of a bomb attack on a major Buddhist shrine in Kandy, Sri Lanka and the resulting loss of life and destruction. As he has done on many occasions, the Secretary General strongly condemns the use of terror tactics in all circumstances. He deplores attempts to divide human beings on religious and ethnic grounds."

Also, the UNESCO Director General Mr. Federico Mayor's reaction to this tragedy is noteworthy. He said "I am deeply shocked by this act of blind violence perpetrated against a place of meditation, joy and peace. All religions are based on love and respect for life. Attacking a holy place means striking the very best in humanity, undermining its innocence and purity. Those who attack people through their faith can only be condemned. Religious differences can absolutely not be justification for conflict, and places of worship should in no case be used as targets."

One can wonder how a group of savage terrorists once deplored by the same institution, say that they have disciplined fighters. This is indeed a very paradoxical situation. However, the truth will remain unchanged and we let our readers to decide once again on such motives.

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