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The Mission of Truth -3  

'FORGIVE OR FORGET'- Retrospect of LTTE's brutal assassinations 

Seconds before the LTTE terrorists assassinated a great son of Mother India; Rajivu Gandhi (21st May, 1991)

"As far as that event is concerned...I would say it is a great tragedy... a monumental historical tragedy... which we (LTTE terrorists) deeply regret, and we call upon the government of India and people of India to be magnanimous to put the past behind..." - Anton Balasingham( 27th June, 2006)

This was the note of condolences received by the Gandhi family on the 15th death anniversary of the former Indian Premier by the LTTE terror propagandist Anton Balasinghm on behalf of his 'naughty boy' Prabakaran during an interview with the South Indian TV channel NDTV in 2006.

The LTTE terrorist organization never claimed responsibility for its brutalities perpetrated against innocent civilians, politicians, clergy and children including unarmed Policemen. Surprisingly, the pledge for forgiveness on the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi (21st May, 1991), was the first and only in which LTTE claimed its direct involvement. The confession instead of smothering Indian displeasure towards the outfit resulted in a burst of revived hatred from Indian Political circles including former South Indian Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi.

According to defence observers this was a prime example of the evolution of a terrorist outfit through regional negligence into a transnational terror machine. Later, on 01st May, 1993 the Sri Lankan President R. Premadasa was assassinated by an LTTE suicide bomber during a May Day rally in Colombo. Yet, such brutality was just served as a mere news headline and no other seriousness by the now defiant international community and human rights practitioners.

Ranasinghe Premadasa (June 23, 1924 - May 1, 1993) was the 3rd President of Sri Lanka from January 2, 1989 to May 1, 1993. He was assassinated in Colombo in a suicide bombing by the LTTE.

Since, then the terror outfit till its military defeat by the Sri Lankan security forces cleansed all potential threats to its existence including the Tamil leadership critical and independent from its extreme ideologies. Over 19 Tamil inspirational leaders were killed while many failed assassination attempts were made on other Tamil Political leaders. The vociferous Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Laxman Kadirgamar(12th August, 2005), was also a victim of the LTTE's assassination spree, an incident succumbed of similar faith as of the late President Premadasa.

Sri Lanka had to undergo the wrath of brutality and terror by LTTE and its sleuths as the world stood still in a course of 'blind diplomacy' for more than three decades. The silence and negligence for cooperation by some draconian saviors of human rights and humanity was a green light for the terror outfit to perpetrate crimes against innocent Sri Lankans with brutality never witnessed before in a post Hitler world.

Hence, the time has come for such individuals and organizations dozed in their own darts of misinformation to put apart the heinous ideologies and make a genuine effort assisting the dawn of peace in a bid neither to forgive the perpetrators of terror nor to forget the right a nation and its 20million people who silenced terror against all odds.

Former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga’s first public address after the assassination attempt, allegedly by the LTTE suicide bombers, at her final election rally at Colombo Town Hall premises on 18 December 1999. As a result of that suicide attack she lost Vision in her right eye











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