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The Mission of Truth -4  

Aranthalawa massacre marked one of the darkest chapters in Sri Lankan history


This claims no intention of creating hatred among communities by reminding the horrific past over and over again. However, the massacre of 31 Buddhist Monks (Bhikkus) close to the village of Aranthalawa, in the Ampara district of Eastern Sri Lanka by LTTE terrorists way back in 1987, marked one of the darkest chapters in Sri Lankan history.

One might wonder why this massive inhuman and cruel demonstration against humanity has not been included in the agendas of international rights groups and Human Rights champions all over. But instead, they are campaigning against Sri Lankan government with baseless allegations on crimes against humanity and Human Rights.

The fact remains that, they are bound to do any dirty works for LTTE's money. We Sri Lankans have witnessed many of  such attempts which has been tarnishing the  Image of our beautiful country the world over.

Even though it is so hatred to remind the Aranthalawa massacre, even after 24 years, it's about time for everyone learnt to face the facts of the following story as described by ven. Hanguranketha Punyasara thera, who was among one of the survivors.


The time was 7.15 in the morning of June 2nd 1987. The young monks had just boarded a bus from the Mahavapi temple with their mentor seated in front and were on their way on a pilgrimage to Kelaniya temple. Having just passed Nuwaratenna when they reached Arantalawa the bus driver P. G. Samarapala noticed some wooden logs placed across the road obstructing their path. Sensing danger the driver began to turn the bus when all of a sudden a group of about 20 Tiger terrorists clad in commando military fatigues emerged from the jungle thicket brandishing swords, knives and machine guns. Two Tigers boarded the bus and gave the driver orders to drive into a jungle path. There was pin drop silence until they reached a thick growth of teak trees.

"Give us all the money you have', was the order of the Tiger leader. The bus conductor N.V. Jinadasa surrendered every cent he had. Ven. Indrasara then pleaded "You'd better kill me but please don't harm these young ones', pointing to the young pupil monks. Then a thundering voice rent the air, "Wettida" which means cut them. Instantly a sword fell sharply on the neck of Ven. Indrasara severing it in two. When the second sword was falling on Ratnayake, a young monk Punjhasara rushed forward and interceded not to kill his father. Immediately a shot rang out smashing the young monk's head. Then two terrorists began to cut and chop the young monks and two other Tigers began shooting all the monks at random. Howls of pain and wailings of misery rent the jungle air but all pleadings were of no avail.

In fleeting moments the bus was drenched with pools of hot young blood of the samaneras who were like lambs taken to a slaughter house. Some little monks hid under the seats and very few were left alive to tell the sad story.

So, once again we want our readers to decide upon the true nature of such motives by rights groups and HR champions fed by remnants of the LTTE across the world.

To be continued >>

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