The Mission of Truth -5  

Witnesses on the Welikanda, Boaththa village massacre (20th October, 1995)

A harrowing account of LTTE's brutality perpetrated against both Tamil and Sinhalese villagers who once lived in the troubled boarders of Polonnaruwa.

Though LTTE carried out a spree of similar village massacres aimed at creating public tension and towing the fault lines of ethnic violence, both Sinhalese and Tamils stood resilient bearing the wrath of LTTE brutality until the military defeat of the outfit in 2009.

On 20th October, 1995 hundreds of civilians were hunted and killed by LTTE in one of the bloodiest attacks ever accounted: the Boaththa Village massacre at Welikanda in the Polonnaruwa district.

K. Kanapathipillai a Tamil himself recounts his personal experiences a story unfolding the sinister motives behind the Tiger terrorists who were hell bent at sanitizing their bloody cause in the name of separatism.

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