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Year 1986 | LTTE – The terrorism most foul


Kantale Village massacre

On 2nd February 1986, a group LTTE terrorist armed with small arms and swords raided Kantale village in Trincomalee district. The terrorists tortured and hacked 19 civilians still on their sleeping mats. Majority of the victims were women and children

Kinniya Village massacre

On 5th May 1986, a group of LTTE terrorists came hunting for Muslim civilians at Kinniya village, in Trincomalee district slaughtered four civilians after brutally torturing them

Mahadivulwewa Village massacre

By the mid 1986 the terrorist group that had started itself as a band of cutthroats and robbers developed itself to a mass murdering organization. The so-called border villages were gradually moving out of the North and East as more and more villages in Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Monaragala districts were also becoming border villages

On 25th May 1986, a group of LTTE terrorists armed with firearms, swords, clubs and knives stormed Mahadivulwewa village in Anuradhapura district during the midnight hours. The terrorists broke into the civilian houses and butchered the sleeping villagers. Children were tortured and chopped while their parents watching, pregnant mothers were ripped their wombs open with swords, and elderly were burnt alive.

Mutilated bodies of 20 civilians including women and children were found. Over 20 housed were set ablaze by the terrorists

Trincomalee 3rd Mile post

Village massacreOn 2nd June 1986, a group of LTTE terrorists armed with fire arms, swords, and knives stormed civilian houses at 3rd Mile Post, Trincomalee and butchered 10 civilians, including women and children

Andankulam Village massacre

On 4th June 1986, LTTE terrorists attacked Andankulam Sinhala village in Trincomalee district. 17 civilians mostly women and children were hacked to death after undergoing brutal torture at the hands of the terrorists

Wilgamwehera Village massacre

On 21st June 1986, a group of armed LTTE terrorists stormed Wilgamwehera hamlet in Trincomalee district and butchered 9 civilians including children.

It could be observed that the terrorists were increasingly using sharp weapons to kill and maim the innocent civilians in order give maximum horror to the victims and the onlookers. The terror stricken civilians started vacating the ancient villages they lived for generations and started moving towards south.

Monkey Bridge Village massacre

On 8th July 1986, a group of armed LTTE terrorists attacked Monkey Bridge Sinhalse village, Trincomalee and killed 15 civilians including women and children

Mollipothana Village massacre

On 9th July 1986, the LTTE terrorists armed with swords, machetes and clubs stormed Mullipothana village in Trincomalee district during night hours.

16 civilians, largely women and children were killed. According to the coroner’s reports the child victims had been clubbed to death by the terrorists while their parents had been hacked.

Most of these brutal crimes against humanity were not given publicity by international media. Human Rights organizations, NGOs and various other international champions of human rights kept silent on the looming humanitarian disaster in the island nation

Pavakkulam Village massacre

On 13th July 1986, a group of 4-armed LTTE terrorists travelling in a jeep opened fire at villagers of Pavakkulam, in Trincomalee. 11 villagers including women and children were killed

Beruwil & Wadigawewa Village massacre

On 19th July 1986, over 100 armed LTTE terrorists armed with sharp weapons , clubs and small arms stormed Beruwil and Waigawewa villages . 17 villagers were killed including women and children. At least 5 others suffered serious cut wounds

Kantalai – Massacre in the Sugar crops

On 17th September 1986, a group of armed LTTE terrorists stalked into the block 4 of the Sugar Corporation in Kantalai and murdered 10 villagers and wounded many others

Wadigawewa Village massacre

On 17th September 1986, after massacring 10 villagers in Kantale , the same terrorists group attacked the ancient Sinhalese village of Wadigawewa , Trincomalee . 12 villagers including women and children were killed

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