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Year 1989 | LTTE The terrorism most foul



Maharambekulam Village massacre

On 17th January 1989, LTTE attacked one of the last remaining Sinhalese Villages on Vavuniya Anuradhapura district border. Heavily mutilated bodies of 9 civilians including women and children found while 7 survived serious cut injuries caused by sharp weapons


Bogamuyaya Village massacre

On 2nd February 1989, just two days prior to the national independence day, a group of over 50 LTTE cadres armed with machetes, swords and firearms attacked Bogamuyaya Sinhalese village in Ampara.

Eleven innocent civilians including women and infants were hacked to them after subjecting them to brutal torture


Dutuwewa Village massacre

On 11th February 1989, LTTE terrorists carried out a brutal attack on Dutuwawa, A Sinhala village in the Horowpathana killing 37 villagers including 20 children, five women and one Buddhist monk in the night.

The terrorist used firearms, swords and knifes to massacre the civilians who were in their sleep. They also set ablaze the houses of their victims, burning some of the injured victims alive.

Police later found that 26 houses completely gutted and only the charred bodies of victims remained. According to the eyewitness accounts the terrorists had dumped the crying children into wells. 5 others with critical injuries were airlifted to Colombo.


Singhapura Village massacre

On 11th February 1989, on the same night of the Dutuwawa massacre, the terrorists attacked another neighbouring village Singhapura.

Six civilians were tortured to death while seven others sustained serious wounds caused by sharp weapons.


Borawewa Village bloodbath

On 27th February 1989, a group of over 100 LTTE terrorists wielding swords, machetes, clubs and firearms stormed Borawewa ancient Sinhalese village in Polonnaruwa in the middle of the night.

The terrorists carried out house-to-house murder of innocent civilians who were still on their sleeping mats. The terrorists slaughtered 38 civilians including large number of children, and women after brutally maiming them.

Only 3 people in the village survived with serious cut wounds. Most of the children were clubbed to death, while some of infants were killed smashing them onto the walls of their houses while their parents watching. All adult victims were killed after chopping out their body parts one by one until thy die

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