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Year 1991 | LTTE The terrorism most foul

Bogamuyaya Village massacre

On 23rd January 1991, a group consisting about 70 LTTE terrorists stormed Bogamuyaya Sinhalese village. The terrorists wielding swords, machetes, clubs, and firearms butchered 29 civilians. Majority of the victims were woman, and children. Police found 5 survivors with serious injuries cause by sharp weapons.

By the end of the year 1990, most of the Sinhalese and Muslims vacated their ancient villages in the Mullaittivu, Kilinochchi, Trincomalee, Battiacaloa, Vavuniya, Mannar and Ampara districts.

Also, those villages in the Anurdhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Monaragala districts bordering the North and Eastern Provinces were being fast vacated by their inhabitants as terrorists started attacking them. A brutal ethnic cleansing campaign carried out by a terrorists group was becoming a success as the world kept blind eye to the situation.

Kaludaveli Village attack

On 2nd March 1991, a group LTTE terrorists gunned down 4 Muslim inhabitants of Kaludaveli village in Batticaloa after subjecting them to inhumane torture .

Erakkandy Village attack

On 2nd March 1991, on the same day they attacked Muslim village in Batticaloa, LTTE terrorists hacked and shot dead 5 more Muslim civilians of Erakkandy village in Trincomalee.

Athymale The New Year day bloodbath

On 14th April 1991, a group consisting over 50 LTTE cadres armed with swords, machetes and firearms stormed Athymale Sinhalese village in Ampara and butchered 17 civilians including women and children. The terrorists carried out the attack in the night as the whole nation was celebrating traditional Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

The idea of the terrorist in carrying out cowardly civilian massacres in festive seasons was to engineer a communal backlash in the country that would victimize the Tamils. However, the LTTE has never been successful in instigating any such attack at the Tamils after 1983.

Niyandella / Okkampitiya Village massacre

On 20th April 1991, a group of LTTE terrorists wielding sharp weapons and firearms attacked Niyandalla Sinhalese village in Okkampitiya, Monaragala. The terrorists butchered 22 civilians including women and children, after subjecting them to inhuman torture.

Weligahakandiya Village massacre

On 24th June 1991, a group of LTTE terrorists attacked Weligahakandiya village in Periyapullumalai, Ampara. The terrorist using swords, axes and machetes chopped 10 civilians including women and children to death.

Puddur Village massacre

On 6th July 1991, a group of LTTE terrorist armed with firearms and sharp weapons raided Puddur Muslim village in Pollonnaruwa. In a house-to-house attack the terrorists hacked 14 civilians including women and children after brutally torturing them. Police found 4 survivors with serious cut wounds.

Over 50 terrorists participated for this cowardly attack at unarmed civilians

Karapola Village massacre

On 6th July 1991, on the same night that they butchered a Muslim village in Polonnaruwa, LTTE terrorists attacked Karpola and Manapitiya Sinhalese villages and hacked 9 civilians to death.

The terrorists first abducted the victims and a robbed a van belonging one of the victims, and then tortured them inhumanly with chopping away their limbs, to their death, at an isolated location.

Samanthurai Village attack

On 8 August 1991, a group of LTTE terrorists abducted 8 Muslim farmers of Samanthurai village in Ampara and brutally tortured them. Later, severely mutilated bodies of 6 victims were found while two others sustained serious cut wounds.

Palliyagodalla Village massacre

On 19th September 1991, a group of LTTE terrorists attacked Palliyagodalla Muslim village in Madirigiriya and hacked 13 civilians including woman and children to death. Police found 6 survivors with serious cut wounds inflicted on them.

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