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Year 1999 | LTTE The terrorism most foul


Massacre of three Villages in Ampara

On 18th September 1999, a group consisting over 200 LTTE terrorists wielding swords , machetes, clubs and firearms attacked Galapitagala, Badirekka and Borapola hamlets of Ampara .

The terrorists stormed the sleeping village during wee hours and carried out their usual orgy of hacking, chopping and clubbing of hapless civilians in a house-to-house massacre.

Police found severely mutilated bodies of 60 civilians, including of 14 children, 15 women and 31 men. Among the victims were two pregnant women whose wombs were ripped open by the terrorists using swords. Five civilians survived the attack with serious cut wounds.

By this time the country saw rising of civil rights movement against terrorism. Public started to see that they had been victims of an abominable conspiracy engineered by a set of mean spirited people that pretended them to be human rights activists, aid workers, media activists etc.

They saw that none of these people or the organizations preaching human rights had done anything to stop the violence committed against the ordinary citizens.

They started understanding that it was the very same people and the organizations that justified the crimes of the LTTE, give international recognition to the terrorist outfit and channel billions of money to the terrorist outfit.

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