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E LTTE carries out a suicide bomb attack targeting the Sri Lanka Army Commander Lieutenant General    Sarath Fonseka [25th April, 2006]

E Dr. Hoole flees Sri Lanka after intimidated pro-LTTE threats [5th May, 2006]

E "UTHAYAN" Attack was it Another treachery? [7th May, 2006]

E Mother Lanka has been elected for the United Nations Human Rights Commission. [10th May, 2006]

E  LTTE terrorist attempts to attack the passenger vessel Pearl Cruise II in the Northern Sea [11 May 2006]

E Terrorists demand at sea ruled out [15th May, 2006]


E Long awaited Media center for national security ...finally, becomes a reality [16th May, 2006]


E LTTE attacks the Army Defence Line in Nakarkovil . . . [16th May, 2006]


E LTTE terrorism turns towards NGOs [21st May, 2006]

E Join us or Die - LTTE kills Tamil children who refuse to join  [22nd May, 2006]

E "Exclusively on Defence" re-launched [25th May, 2006]


E LTTE kills tourists in a claymore attack in Wilpattu sanctuary [27th May, 2006]


E European Union Bans the LTTE [30th May, 2006]


E 12 Sinhala civilians shot dead by the LTTE in Ominiyamadu at Valachcheanai [29th May, 2006]

E LTTE fails to conscript a child [05th June, 2006]

E LTTE carry out a claymore attack at a civil bus in Welisara; A prelude to Oslo talks [06th June, 2006]

E National war heroes Day Celebration on [07th June 2006]


E The tragedy of exploiting civilians by LTTE; the truth of KIRAN blast... [08th June, 2006]

E The quest for International sympathy....The "Sole Representative's Tamil blood thirst" satisfied at   Vankalai? [08th June, 2006]

E LTTE  terrorists crumble under humiliating defeat- Batticaloa   [10th June, 2006]

E The new Chief of Defence Staff calls on Secretary, Ministry of Defence  [12th June, 2006]

E The new SL Air Force commander calls on Secretary, Ministry of Defence . [12th June, 2006]

E LTTE Injures Tamil Asst. Divisional Secretary and Four Others in Mullaittivu [12th June, 2006]

E Kebithigollewa, Bus attack - the Hall mark of LTTE terrorism [15th June, 2006]


E Pesalai Attack: 06 killed and 33 civilians injured due to LTTE's mortar firing [17th June, 2006]


E   Pope Condemns LTTE's barbarism - Villagers at Kebitigollewa recall the tears swept [15th  June, 2006]

E SPUR Urges LTTE ban under Australia's Criminal Code Act 1995 [11th  June, 2006]

E Bomb explosion at Pannipitiya - LTTE Kills Deputy Chief of Staff of the SLA [26th June, 2006]






E Let's forget Rajiv; we need your help : Balasingham begs India... [27th  June, 2006]

E Two LTTE boats destroyed and several LTTE cadres killed - Kalpitiya [28th June, 2006]

E 1,387 child soldiers with LTTE: UNICEF [29th June, 2006]

E Ranbima land project launched for displaced [02nd July, 2006]


E A bomb explosion at Andankulam in Trincomalee claims four lives and injures twelve [3rd July, 2006]


E London raid nets 29 suspects [17th July, 2006]

E "Manel Mal" week commence [17th July, 2006]

E Claymore explosion injures 8 Tamil civilians - Trincomalee [18th July, 2006]

E Military officer Cadets Commissioning Parade - Diyatalawa [22nd July, 2006]

E LTTE denies water to Seruwila farmers [24th July, 2006]


E Douglas Devananda's PRO shot dead - Wellawatta [24th July, 2006]


E Entry of the Karuna Suicide cadres [28th July, 2006]


E LTTE kills a Mother in front of her two children [27th July, 2006]


E Sri Lanka joins ASEAN [29th July, 2006]


E   LTTE holding 5,000 children in combat camps [31st July, 2006] 

E   General Sarath Fonseka reassumes office [31st July, 2006]

E   LTTE bomb blast kills two including a child - Colombo [08th Aug, 2006]

E   LTTE assassins kill another Tamil intellectual [12th Aug, 2006]

E   Vigilant Policemen foils an attempted carnage by the LTTE - Colombo [22th Aug, 2006]

 Sri Lankan army look at the claymore bomb planted on a bicycle by LTTE terrorists

E "Chencholai camp" myth revealed  [02nd September, 2006] 


E   Naval Units successfully thwart LTTE siege- Point Pedro [02nd September, 2006]

E   Government rescinds TRO bank accounts [3rd September, 2006]

E   Troops Triumph in Sampur [11th September, 2006]


E   Muhamalai Counter Offensives Continues [11th September, 2006]


E   LTTE Hand Grenade attack injures 16 civilians - Vavuniya [13th September, 2006]


E   Villagers attack at LTTE terrorists - Mannar [13th  September, 2006] 


E   Special police unit to tighten Colombo security [15th September, 2006]


E   Tigers killing spree continues, an aid worker killed - Eravur [15th September, 2006]

E   Speech of His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of Sri Lanka, at the XIVth Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) to be held in Havana, Cuba [16th September, 2006]

E   Vessel carrying weapons for LTTE completely destroyed [17th September, 2006]

E LTTE fire at media personnel - Jaffna [19th September, 2006]

E President addresses the 61st UN General Assembly- New York [20th September, 2006]

E   11 LTTE boats destroyed and 70 killed - Pulmodai [24th September, 2006]

E   12 Terrorists killed in counter attack - Ampara [30th September, 2006]

E   LTTE Leader Kannan Killed - Ampara [30th September, 2006]

E   A-9 re-opened to facilitate Passenger and goods movement [30th September, 2006]

E LTTE's attempt to another genocide foiled - Wellawatta [4th October, 2006]

E Sri Lanka Army celebrates 57th anniversary [10th October, 2006]

E   LTTE gun men kill five civilians; three of them slain in execution style after robbing 36,000 rupees [15th October, 2006]

E  LTTE's suicide attack at Habarana; Death toll rises to 92 [16th October, 2006]

E The new IG of Police calls on Secretary, Ministry of Defence . [16th October, 2006]

E  Galle Harbour comes under Terrorist attack..... [18th October, 2006]

E  25 LTTE members surrendered to Security Forces [30th October, 2006]


E LTTE terrorists invade villages; Civilians vacate homes- Batticaloa [1st November, 2006]

E University students donate blood for war heroes [28th October , 2006]

E   LTTE sea tiger facility destroyed - Mannar [02nd November, 2006]

E Lankan Students in Tamil Nadu sit for G.C.E. (O/L) Examination - Chennai [3rd November, 2006]

E   Air Force fighters destroy a Sea Tiger base - Vakarai [6th November, 2006]

E   LTTE using civilians as human shield in Vakarai, Batticaloa - Army [9th November, 2006]


E   Attack at Kadiraveli was after thorough verification of facts - Defence Spokesman [9th November, 2006]

E Terrorist attack at the civilian ship averted - Point Pedro [9th November, 2006]

E   An attempted LTTE suicide attack at Trincomalee harbour foiled [11th November, 2006]

E   TNA parliamentarian Nadarajah Raviraj shot dead - Colombo [10th November, 2006]

E   A Senior Tiger Leader's Body Found on Board - Trincomalee [10th November, 2006]

E   Tigers fired from near Vakarai civilian camp - survivors tell Reuters [10th November, 2006] [2nd Lead]

E   "Geneva Talks II" Tiger  agents avoid addressing core issues [29th November, 2006]

E   Civilian influx to cleared areas- Mannar  [11th November, 2006]


E LTTE press editor to stand trial on Nov.17 [17th November, 2006]


E   LTTE's Arms Ship Destroyed - Puttalam [14th November, 2006]


E   27 LTTE cadres killed in retaliation - East [16th November, 2006]


E   Claymore explosions kill 04 soldiers and injure 15 civilians - Vavuniya (02nd Lead) [18th November, 2006]


E   Tamil Civilians' 'Hartal' Against LTTE Suppression [21st November, 2006]

E LTTE's deputy military leader in the East suspected to be killed - Vakarai [22nd November, 2006]

E   Navy destroys an LTTE vessel - Off Chilaw [27th November, 2006]

E   Claymore explosions kill 04 soldiers and injure 15 civilians - Vavuniya [29th November, 2006]

E   Secretary Defense is Safe [01st December, 2006]

E   Two Soldiers of Defence Secretary's Escort Sacrifice their Lives [01st December, 2006]

E   A possible "lorry bomb" nabbed- Colombo [01st December, 2006]

E   LTTE prime suspects in transporting 3 tons of cocaine in submarine  [06th December, 2006]

E Labugama -Colombo Main Water Pipeline Damaged [06th December, 2006]

E   LTTE Fires At Civilians At Kallar, Trincomalee [ 07th December , 2006]

E LTTE terrorists abduct 23 school children - Thirukkovil [19th December, 2006]

E LTTE terrorists maraud a Jordon ship in distress - Mulaithiuvu [23rd December, 2006]

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