Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Last modified on: 3/3/2016 6:45:15 PM LTTE's days numbered as troops make final move to free civilian hostages in Mullaittivu

LTTE's days numbered as troops make final move to free civilian hostages in Mullaittivu

In what is considered to be the largest humanitarian intervention by a conventional military force in modern time, Sri Lankan security forces despite its prowess in the battlefield have launched a decisive tactical maneuver to free over hundreds of civilians held hostage by LTTE in the thin coastal land strip at Mullaitttivu.

LTTE terrorists tasted worst defeat by security forces with the loss of its long standing 'military' presence at Puthukkudiyirippu, losing over 420 fighting cadres including over a dozen 'high rankers' during four days of pitched fighting.

According to reports received, 53 Division and Task Force -8 troops have recovered over 130 LTTE bodies including those of Theepan, Panjan, Keerthi and Mahindan(a senior sea tiger cadre). 5 VIR, 6 GR infantrymen and 2-Special Forces (2SF) troops have recovered 64, 23 and 43 LTTE bodies during subsequent search operations conducted, security sources said.

List of items recovered by 53 Division/ TF-8 troops during Sunday's (05) clearing operations

Item /Description Amount
T-56 assault riffles 49
I-com radio sets 15
T-81 assault rifles 06
M-16 weapons 03
RPG launcher 01
9mm pistol 01
Disposable RPG launcher 01
Multi purpose machine gun 02
LTTE flap-jackets 02
Belt orders 05

Meanwhile, 8GR, 9GW, 12GR, 14GR, 20GR, 11 SLLI and 20 SLLI infantry battalions of 58 Division have also engaged intense assaults at LTTE terrorists killing over 150 and and recovering 140 odd bodies from the battle front yesterday.

List of items recovered by 58 Division troops during clearing operations conducted on Sunday.

Item /Description Amount
130mm artillery guns 01
14.5mm anti-air craft guns 02
MPMG weapons 05
MPMG tripod 01

85mm heavy caliber pounder gun

LMG weapons 03
T-56 assault riffles 237
T-81 assault riffles 04
12.7mm anti-air craft gun with tripod 01
AK-47 assault riffle 01
Semi-machine guns 02
I-com radio sets 37
RPG launchers 06
Claymore mines 04
YESU radio sets 02

VHF Couger communication set


Terrorist bodies and weapons uncovered by 53 Division troops following Sunday's (April 5) fighting with LTTE, East of Puthukkudiyirippu.

6GR, 5 VIR and 2SF troops led the forward assault flanks while 7GW and 1GR troops provided with rear support during the swift incursion into the last LTTE stronghold at Puthukudiyirippu.

LTTE terrorists fled in total disarray as troops uncovered 3, 130mm artillery guns during 72 hours of intense fighting with LTTE, East of Puthukudiyirippu.

A 14.5mm anti-air craft gun recovered by 58 Division troops.

Over 250 LTTE terrorists were killed including a dozen of 'high profile' cadres.

Recoveries made by 58 Division troops at the Mullaittivu battlefront following Sunday's (April 05) fighting.




























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