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Last modified on: 1/11/2018 12:28:28 PM Navy rushes to rescue fishermen in the Southern seas

Navy rushes to rescue fishermen in the Southern seas

[January 11 2018]

Sri Lanka Navy troops were rushed for a rescue mission on Tuesday night (09th January) after a fishing trawler collided with a car carrier in the seas off the Southern coast. According to Navy media, the multi-day fishing trawler "Nadeesha II", which had left for fishing from the Hikkaduwa fisheries harbor with a crew of seven on January 01st, had collided with the container carrier "MV GLOVIS CAPTAIN". The ship, sailing under the Marshal Islands flag had been on route to the Hambantota Port from Colombo.

The incident had occurred 13 nautical miles off the Dondra Light House. Navy had immediately rushed two Fast Attack Craft (P 492 and P 480) from the Southern Naval Command to the location upon being alerted of the incident. Two of the fishermen in the ill-fated trawler had been rescued by the ship's crew.

Following a search and rescue operation, Naval personnel were able to rescue another survivor. They also recovered two bodies as well. The three rescued fishermen and the dead bodies were swiftly brought ashore to the Galle harbor and transferred to the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital.

The fishing trawler had been heading home with a body of a fisherman who had suddenly died due to an illness, when the unfortunate incident had occurred. Navy personnel are continuing with the search operations.

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