Thursday, April 26, 2018

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  President chief guest at opening of Commonwealth Centre for Digital Health    |  Defence Ministry celebrates New Year with 'Soorya Mangalya'  
War crimes
Response to Channel 4 Allegations
The Disappearance Of The Dissabled LTTEers New

Appalling Journalism -
Jon Snow and Channel 4
News on Sri Lanka
Discusses on the lapse in journalistic standards apparent in Channel 4's "Killing Fields" video.
An Unreliable Witness -
(Sri Lankan Media
watch Report)
All of Weiss’s claims are by default based on hearsay, secondary sources trying to market and sell his book.
Sri Lanka Media Watch evaluates news coverage against universally accepted journalistic
standards of accuracy and impartiality.

LTTE's Secret Prison
& Torture Chamber
for POWs & Tamils
How much of LTTE's inhuman atrocities is the world aware of or even ready to finally acknowledge?

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