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Organisational Structure - Ministry of Defence - Sri Lanka

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Administration Division

ADMINISTRATION Division of the Ministry of Defence is attending to overall administration of each and every division functioning within the Ministry of Defence, Directorate of Foreign Intelligence, Directorate of Internal Intelligence, Joint Service Language Training Institute at Kotmale and the National Cadet Corps.

The Training Unit functioning under this Division is mainly engaged in recommending service personnel of the three forces for Foreign training programmes as well as for local training programmes.

In addition to above, this unit organizes foreign and local training programmes to cadres of staff grades and non - staff grades attached to Ministry office as well as the departments and institutions functioning under the Ministry of Defence.

Defence I Division

ADMINISTRATION matters in relation to the Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Air Force and Sir John Kotalawala Defence Academy are attended to, by the Defence Division of the Ministry of Defence.

This includes all enlistments, appointments, promotions, relinquishments, withdrawal of commissions, registrations, secondments, transfers and disciplinary matters of the three forces.

Further, the establishment matters of the civil staff of the Kotalawala Defence Academy are being attended to, by this Division.

Formulation of Acts and Regulations, administration of raising of Regiments and Units, matters in relation to the salaries, pensions and allowances, granting vehicles to officers under Tax Relief Scheme, Providing welfare and telephone facilities, payment of compensation to war - heroes and to their families in relation to above institutions are being carried - out by this Division.

Another important task attended to, by this Division is to provide opportunities to service personnel to participate in international and local seminars and exhibitions. Activities in relation to awarding medals such as Parama Weera Vibushana, Weerodhara Vibhushana, Rana Wickrama, Ranasoora etc. are being performed by this Division.

Defence III Division

Providing Lands for tri-Services

  • Expansions

  • New establishments

  • Clearance

Providing land for service personnel &the Police

  • Members of the families of Armed Service and Police personnel who died in action

  • Armed Service and Police personnel who were crippled whilst in active service (disabled)

  • Serving members of the Armed Services and the Police

Parliament Consultative Committee

Answer to the oral questions from the Members of Parliament with regarding the Tri-Services

Special projects

  • Defence Service School

  • Establishment of Coastal Guard Service under the Navy

  • Project for the re-locating of Defence Secretariat, Army, Navy, Air Force & Police Headquarters

Finance Division

FURTHER to the two projects under Programme 1 of the Vote of the Ministry of Defence, Finance Division is engaged in carrying-out following five projects under Programme 3.

1. Special Security Operations

2. Directorate of Internal Intelligence

3. Directorate of Foreign Intelligence

4. National Cadet Corps

5. Prevention of Terrorism

Areas directly involved by the public in respect of Finance Division are as follows.

a. Annual registration of suppliers for the MOD and the Depts coming under its purview. A prominent advertisement in the daily and weekend papers are published by every year mostly during the 2nd week of September.

b. Requests from suppliers who have obtained their annual registrations could be intimated their changes of mailing/e-mailing addresses, phone numbers, facsimile numbers etc if any by means of my e-mail account.

c. Public may acknowledge the receipt of their confirmation letter of annual registration on suppliers.

d. To educate the public with regard to the process followed in registration of suppliers and the insertion of advertisement regarding public tenders which should be appeared in the website and a separate room to be allocated for these purposes.

e. Issuance of tender documents pertaining to tenders floating under Ministry/Cabinet Appointed (CATB) Tender Boards.

f. It is convenient to educate public to come to the MOD only on Wednesday if there are any problems pertaining to financial matters.

Legal Division

THIS Division is engaged in providing legal advises required for carrying-out of internal and external administration of the Ministry, Armed Forces and of the Kotalawala Defence Academy.

Legal steps required for normalization of the life of General Public with the implementation of peace process are taken by this Division.

Media Division

THE Media Division of the Ministry of Defence is entrusted with following responsibilities.

1. Granting approval for requests made from the ministry for do Camera Shooting of Films, Television Programmes, Tele Dramas, Documentaries etc. which have a relevance to the Armed Services, it's personnel or the locations which are in a security sensitive area.

2. Granting approval for newspaper articles, photographs etc. prior to publication, which have a security relevance to the Ministry or any other organization under it's purview.

3. Granting approval to Broadcast/Telecast of electronic media (Radio & Television) programmes, which have a security relevance to the ministry or any other organization under it's purview, as well as the participation of service or any other personnel (with in or outside the ministry) in such programmes.

4. Monitoring of media information, particularly, the news broadcasts etc. of the electronic media - (Television and Radio), regarding matters of an adverse nature to the Ministry of Defence or any other Institution under it's purview.

National Cadet Corps

AS a result of re-structuring the National Cadet Corps, Cadres have been divided to three categories namely National Cadet Corps Headquarters, Provincial Headquarters and Battalian Headquarters.

Further, actions have been taken to raise Provincial Headquarters in the North Central, Eastern, North Western, Central, Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces in order to facilitate more camps and other facilities for benefit of the community.

In addition to above, arrangements have been made to represent cadets for the camps conducted in foreign countries under Cadet Exchanging Programme.

Joint Service Language Training Institute, Kotmale

THE purpose of the establishment of this Training Institute is to educate service personnel of the Army, Navy and the Air Force and also the Police personnel to understand, speak, write and read Tamil language who send to serve in the North & East. There-by they are able to provide a more effective service to the General Public who Live in these are as and speak Tamil Language.

Civil Security Division


  • Implementation of the Firearms Ordinance as amended by the Act. No. 22 of 1996.

  • Implementation of the Explosives Ordinance No. 21 of 1956 as amended by the Act. No. 14 of 1978 and the regulations under it.

  • Implementation of the Regulation of Private Security Agencies Act. No. 45 of 1985 and the Regulations made under it.

  • Implementation & Supervision of the Home Guard Service established under the Mobilization of Supplementary Force of Act.

  • Implementation & control of the Training in Security project.

  • Granting Security clearance for the importation of communication equipment board casting service & communication centers for civil matters.

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