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RESPONSIBILITIES AND FUNCTIONS - Ministry of Defence - Sri Lanka

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Duties and Functions of the Ministry

The duties and functions of the Ministry of Defence as published in the Gazette Notification No. 1897/15 dated 18th January 2015 are as follows.

Duties and Functions

* Formulation of policies, programmes and projects in regard to the subjects of Defence, and all subjects that come under the purview of Departments, Statutory Institutions and Public Corporations listed in Column II.

* Provide for the defence of the country through the facilitation of the functioning of the Armed Services.

* Maintenance of internal security.

* Defence and internal security related intelligence services.

* Relations with visiting Armed Forces.

* Explosives and firearms.

* Maintenance of Light Houses (other than those belong to the Ports Authority).

* Higher Education for defence services personnel.

* Matters relating to private security services .

* Rescue operations and administration of Coast Guard Service.

* All other subjects that come under the purview of Institutions listed in Column II .

* Supervision of the Institutions listed in Column II below.

Column II - Institutions and Public Corporations of the Ministry

1. Sri Lanka Army

2. Sri Lanka Navy

3. Sri Lanka Air Force

4. Department of Civil Security

5. Sir John Kotelawala Defence University

6. National Defence Fund

7. State Intelligence Service

8. Department of Coast Guard

9. Lanka Logistics Limited

10. Rakna Arakshana Lanka Ltd


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