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The quest for International sympathy....The "Sole Representative's Tamil blood thirst" satisfied at Vankalai?


The LTTE's big brain has done it again. The same drama LTTE enacted at Manthivu, Jafffna and followed by a more bloody version at Allaipiddy, Kayts has now been enacted in the most bloodiest and treacherous manner at Vankalai, last night (8th). Four members of innocent Tamil family were brutally assassinated in the barbaric fashion only practiced by the LTTE terrorists. The four victims include two small children of age 7 and 9, and their parents.

The terrorists have hacked them, shot them and later they were hanged to give a lesson to other villages, of the consequences of disobeying the "sole representative". More evidence can be found in the LTTE's own web site which sells own blood to the cheapest price.

It has been reveled that the LTTE had identified the father(Mr SINNAIYAH MOORTHI MARTIN of 38) of the family as an informant of their adversary group and alleged him for involving in the recent claymore mine attack in Periyamadu in Mannar (in the LTTE dominated area) where a senior LTTE cadre had narrowly escaped. Further, The LTTE cadres had reportedly made several threats to the father (Mr:SINNAIYAH MOORTHI MARTIN) accusing him to having cordial relationships with the security forces.

However, Sri Lanka Army has vehemently denied the abominable effort of LTTE to make security forces responsible for the killings. The Army media spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinhe told media that the security forces had no involvement in the killings and explained the hidden motives of LTTE by carrying out such brutal killings of innocent Tamil civilians. LTTE is desperately looking for the international sympathy towards the organization by tarnishing the image of the security forces. The Army will never do such barbaric crimes, he added.

Meanwhile, the Defence Spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella told media that the recent pattern of behavior of LTTE has a direct bearing towards the crime. The security forces have no valid reason to get involved in such brutal crime. It is the LTTE who gets the advantage, if succeed in their propaganda accusing the government forces. However, Minister Rambukwella elaborated the necessity of conducting proper investigation to the incident, saying that he would not directly accuse LTTE for the crime until more sound evidence obtained.

The rising international pressure and continuous loss of civilian support and emerging of adversary parties seemed to push the LTTE leadership to a limit that he has begun to unleash his violence towards the Tamil community as well. Now, it is not the Sinhalese or Muslims that have the greatest threat from this maniacal organization but the Tamils themselves. Save the Tamils from the "Sole Representative".

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