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LTTE terrorists massacre Muslims in Eravur-Batticaloa

(History recalled - 11th August 1990)


The Muttur episode today is a continuation of the LTTE 'ethnic cleansing' programme . The LTTE terrorists began 'ethnic cleansing' as early as 1984 when they massacred men, women, children, whatever age they were.

This was even before the terrorists began driving the Muslim population as well as the Sinhalese from the Northern Province, eastern province, Jaffna peninsula and Mannar district.



The Muslims living in the eastern province hardly had time to recover from the shocking LTTE terrorists massacre of over 150 Muslims leaving dozens injured on Friday night, 3rd August 1990. The victims, men, women and children were praying in the Husseiniya and Meera Jumma mosques in Kaththankudy when over 50 terrorists working in two groups forced themselves in with their assault rifles blazing at them.





This time the terrorists again selected the predominantly Muslim town of Eravur, about 9 miles east of Batticoloa on the Polonnaruwa-Batticoloa road. Sixteen years ago today the 11th of August 1990, the LTTE terrorists once again massacred 104 Muslims consisting of 45 males, 28 females and 31 children using T-56 assault rifles, knives, razors. More were seriously injured and some succumbed to their injuries. After killing them, the terrorists tore away all jewelry from the females and to terrorize the entire Muslim community they beheaded some of the survivors with long 'kathis'.

This massacre was a continuation of terrorist 'ethnic cleansing. Again the victims belonged to the Muslim dominated Saddam Hussein village, Pannaikadu, Kalundakuli villages in the Eravur electorate Muslim division. The Eravur massacre evoked the worst fears of the community as it was just about ten days after the brutal massacre in the two mosques in Kattankudy.

By the 20th of August over 450 Muslims were killed by the terrorists. On the 14th, 7 Muslims were killed by the terrorist in Samanthurai. An English daily reported on the 15th, "24 Muslims, Sinhalese villagers killed" in Anuradhapura, Vavuniya and Trincomalee.

In Avaranthalwa and Trincomalee over 200 armed Tiger terrorists attacked the Tambalagama Muslim village and shot 9 Muslims and 1 Sinhalese villager. In Akkaraipattu, Tiger terrorists bombed the Periyapalli mosque and three Muslims identified as K.L. Samsudeen, Sulaiman Lebbe Meera Saibo and M.I Jamal were injured and left for dead.

They were praying in the mosques. "Forty Muslims massacred in armed attacks" was a headline in an English Daily on the 7th. "10 Muslims were shot and wounded" was another caption. At about 7.00p.m on Sunday, 18 farmers in Palamkulam off Oluvil in Akkaraipattu area were caught by the terrorists and were shot with their hands tied behind their back. At Paranayanppu junction on the Akkaraipattu-Ampara road Tiger terrorists sprayed bullets killing over 15 Muslim villagers and just a short distance away, farmers were shot dead in the paddy field they were cultivating. Muslim villagers from Attalaichenai, Nintavur Oluivil, Palamunai were abducted by LTTE terrorist and later shot.

Neither did the terrorists spare the Sinhalese community. The same English daily reported: "Tigers kill eight in Nawagama village". About 50 LTTE terrorists stormed into a room in the village and opened fire with T-56 assault rifles fatally injuring a 17 year old girl Nilmini who later died in hospital.

Madduma Bandara identified as a railway labourer was also among the dead. D.G. Kusumalatha, an eyewitness stated that over 25 terrorists stormed into the 16 line rooms. Many took cover under beds and wherever they could hide to avoid being killed.

In these incidents the Tiger terrorists were training large groups to initiate their recruits to kill without mercy. Any newly recruited terrorist refusing to cut their victims or behead them as ordered by the hierarchy were beheaded as a lesson for disobeying orders.

"Tamil Tigers Are Terrorists". Sir David Goodall the British Ambassador reportedly stated in New Delhi that the "Tamil Tigers are terrorists". Sir Goodall was reacting to reports of the continuous killing of hundreds of Muslims and Sinhalese civilians by the Tiger terrorists in the month of August.

Sir David Goodall told a news conference on the 10th: "We have no doubt that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka is at the moment conducting a terrorist campaign aimed at disrupting the integrity of Sri Lanka. We are behind Sri Lanka in protecting its integrity". This was perhaps the first official declaration by the British government that the LTTE was "conducting a terrorist campaign" in Sri Lanka.

The USA and the United Kingdom (one and half decades later) listed the LTTE as a terrorist organization recently.


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