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List of INGO
Name of INGO Reg No INGO Main Address Date of Com Experties Local Activity
Seva Lanka Foundation FL-16806 INGO PO BOX 03, 2nd Flor, No 432/A, Colombo Rd, Boralesgamuwa. 19-Feb-92 25 875 To enhance the capacity of rurql communities to democratically identify and address their own development needs and to provide services that contribute to the economically viable, socially just and ecologically sustainable development of Sri Lanka..
Care international -sri Lanka. L-45810 INGO 7A, Gregorie's Road,Colombo 07. 15-Mar-50 21 519 Dry Zone Agriculture Development Projects, Community Action for Development & Post tsunami reconstructions in Sri Lanka.
World Vision 46901 INGO World Vision Lanka, No.1119/2/1, Maradana Rd, Colombo 08, Sri Lnka. 01-Apr-77 60 1048 Community Development trough Area Development Progams (ADP) in 14 Districts.
Non Violent Peaceforce FL-77016 INGO 26 A, Ediriweera Mawatha, Dehiwala. 01-Jun-03 28 22 Provide (social) support for vitims of violence.
Swisscontact FL-336034 INGO 23/17, Manchanayake Garden, off Pagoda Road, Nugegoda. 01-Jan-81 3 23 To contrubute to the local economic development benifiting th elocal population in and around the North Central Province (and the Eastern Districts) in an equitable and sustainable way)
ACTION CONTRE LA FAIM FL-13510 INGO 104, Barnes Place, Colomb - 07. 14-Jul-97 16 200 Waer and Sanitation and Food Security
NORWEGIAN REFUGEE COUNCIL FL-87306 INGO 19/5, Horton Place, Colombo - 07. 05-Jul-04 17 170 To assist and protect internally displaced people after the conflict.
Merling FL-96005 INGO 19, Col Jayawardena Mwatha, Colombo -03. 28-Dec-04 13 72 Medical Facility Construvtion and Rehabilitation
Comit d'aid Medical 40385652900041 INGO Comit d' Aide Medicale, K.P. 60, Piriwena Place, Ampara, Sri Lnka. 01-Jul-01 3 64 Medical, Psychosocial, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (For primary health care and water and saniatation)
Peace & Communitry Action L-32804 INGO No 08 B, Attapattu Road, Dehiwal, Sri Lanka. 25-Jul-01 1 23  
German Agro Action FL-57010 INGO 432, Colombo Rd, Boralesgamuwa. 01-Jan-72 9 Support snd promotion of Children and young people, as well as sustainable agriculture.
Women's Development Centre L-21512 INGO No 41, Mulgampola Rd 19-Jul-89 2 13 Tsunami Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Work in Ampara and Trincomalee District
Malteser International FL-96206 INGO 4/1, Hotel Road, Mount Levinia. 01-Jan-05 10 16 Children and Youth activities, Water and saniatation, Sheltor, (Permanent and transitional), livelihoods and psychosocial work.
MercyCorps FL-95414 INGO 73/3, Ward Place, Colombo - 07. 26-Dec-04 10 69 Community Development
DON BOSCO - Sri Lanka FL-40801 INGO 66, Dungalpitiya, Thalahena, 11504, Nrgombo, Sri Lnka. 01-Jan-56 18 409 Training of Youth
LEADS L-11401 INGO 25, Hospital Rd, Dehiwala. 01-Jan-79 1 120 Community Development, Substance Abuse and Mitigation Programmes, Sheltor and Development, Advocacy Issues, Relief Activities.
F S D FL-53816 INGO APT.4/3, Queen's Court, 22, Queen's Road, Colombo - 03. 06-Sep-02 4 85 The FSD operations in Sri Lanka consist of impact survey, technical survey and clearance with manual and mechanical assets.
The Foundation for CO-Existence FL-102814 INGO No 146/20, Havelock Rd, Colombo - 10. 26-Sep-05 7 218  
Help FL-100306 INGO No 20, Mc Lead Road, Colombo - 04. 27-Dec-04 3 76 Livelihood, Shelter, Relief Supply, Education etc..
G V C FL-95214 INGO 20/63, Fair Filed Gardens, Colombo 08. 01-Jan-05 2 14 Emergency relief projects in the North East Province, the most tsunami affected Province in Sri Lanka, the poorest and the most affected by civil war.
Friends of Children - Sri Lanka Associations (amic dei bambili) FL-99714 INGO 12 1/1, Pepin Lane, Colombo - 04 01-Jan-05 3 5 Construction of two Welfaer homes and family reintegration program
AMDA (Association of Medical Doctors of Asia ) FL-64101 INGO 17, Saba Lane, Thimbirigasyaya, Colombo - 05. 01-Jan-03 1 9 Rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Health Service System in Vavuniya District. E.g. capacity building of government health personnel, construction of meternity home, provision of medical equipment.
John Grooms L-80916 INGO 17/1. 1/1, Circular Road, Mount Levinia, Sri Lanka 01-Feb-03 3 1 1. Support institutional and community based rehabilitation with the Ministry of Heath
2. Stregnthen the capacity and organisational development of the Disability Organasations Joint Front (DOJF) and it smember organisations.
3. Support organisations to
CCF - Sri Lanka FL-05511 INGO CCF - Sri Lanka, No 48, Vajira Road, Colombo -04. 17-May-85 7 180 Humanitarian Assistance to Children and Familaies in 253 Grama Niladari Divisions under 55 projects in edistricts of Ampara, Anuradhapura, Galle, Hambantota, Kegalle, Kurunegala, Matale, Monaragala, Nuwara Eliya, Polonnaruwa, Puttlam, Matara and Trncomale
Living Heritage Trust Frming Volunteers L-72701 INGO No 01, Horton Terrace, Colombo - 07. 01-Jan-89 3 03 1. Katharagama Pada Yatra, IT Promotion, English Teaching and GIS mapping of Koslanda as prelude to create a Koslanda Sustainable Development Zone.
CBM FL-91205 INGO 713, dp Wijesinghe Mawatha, Pelawatta, Battaramulla. 04-Oct-04 1 04 Supports services for people with dissabilities worldwide, focusing on the prevention and treatment for people with disabilitis, formal and non-formal education and vocational training for people with disabilities, rehabilitation
Sunil's Friends Kinderhilfe SriLanka e.V. FL-84211 NGO 91/36, Watarappola Rd, Mount Levinia, Sri Lanka 19-Sep-94 1 6 To give under-previlaged children and youth in Sri Lanka, regardless their religion or ethnical background, access to education thus eabling them to have a brighter future.
JEN FL-95814 NGO 171/4 A, Bauddaloka Mawatha, Colombo - 04. 30-Dec-04 2 8 Livelihood assistance and psychosocial care for Tsunami affected people in Hambantota
Bridge Asia Japann (BAJ) FL-57206 INGO No 62/5 A 1/1, Udumulla Rd, Battaramulla. 09-Dec-02 1 22 Rehabilitation of those affected by the conflict
EMDH FL-100711 INGO No 70 Elawella Road, Matara. 01-Mar-05 2 15  
Dakshina Sahana Padanama. FL-19001 NGO 28 a, Brown's Hill, Matara 81000. 01-Oct-93 To sponsering orphans and built houses for homeless people.
Devasarana Development Centre. L-26410 INGO Ibbagamuwa , N W P, Sri Lanka 01-Jan-84 1 25 Community development section and the Network and Solidarity Section
Gruppo Umana Solidarieta. FL-95314 INGO Sea View, Yaddehimulla Rd, Unawatuna, Galle 01-Jan-05 1 Housing project in Galle and Matara District. Water and Sanitation, Livelihood, child protection, schools other projects.
Brothers of Charity Services. FL-27704 INGO Brothers of Charity Services, "Nisansala", Thudella, Ja-Ela. 16-May-01 2 41 Special Trainig Centres
Association Project New Eyes - IRIS Registration in Progress INGO Association Project New Eyes - IRIS, 17/2, Galkanda Road, Kandy. 10-Feb-06 1 1 Providing assistance that will enable the Ministry to achieve objectives related to the development of eye care services.
Arche noVa FL-99006 INGO arche noVa - Initiative for People in Need, 20, Mc Leod Road, Colombo - 04. 01-Jan-05 1 16 Water and Sanitary
ARBEITER SAMARTIER BUND (A S B) FL-80106 INGO Arbeiter Samriter Bund e.V., No 20, Mcleod Road, Colombo - 04 19-Jan-04 12 119
Horizon De Mining Team.   INGO HORIZON De-mining Team, 10, Pushpa House, Ward No 04, Vankalai, Mannar. 06-Jun-03 12 28 a. Humanitarian de-mining
b. Post conflict environment management tasks
Solidarities FL-98805 INGO 71 1/1, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo - 05. 01-Jan-05 7 83 Water and Sanitation Programme and Sea clearing Programme
'AMMA LAMAI' foundation. FL-52711 INGO No 48, Augastawatta, Uda Peradeniya, Bowalawatta 11-Nov-92 1 5 1. To give shelter to the unwed mothers (and her off spring) who are in distress due to th eillegal pregnancy, or family problems.
2. To give nourishment and shelter to the under nourished and medical problem children (Special care unit)
Concern World Wide Sri Lanka PL-9504 INGO No 707, Ambillawatta Road, 29-Dec-04 7 16 Concern Wordwide works with Sri Lankan Organizations to implement the tsunami project.
Oxfam GB FL-22601 INGO No 08, Kinross Av, 01-Jan-86 19 349 Reconstruction of water and sanitation facilities in tsunami affected districts,
Colombo 04. Permanent Housing Pilot Project,
  Campaign to end violence Agence Against Women.
Forut FL-04001 INGO No 98/4, Havelock Road, Colombo 05. 27-Jan-83 6 193 Community Development, Relief, Rehabilitation and drug prevention.
Helvetas Sri Lanka FL-62801 INGO 7 Glen Aber Place, Colombo. 09-Jan-78 4 21 Reconstruction of water and sanitation facilities in tsunami affected districts,
Campaign to end violence Agence Against Women.
Danish Demining Group FL-67106 INGO 31/3A, Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 05 01-May-03 5 505 Manual Mine Clearance (raking method)
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
Battle Area Clearance (BAC)
Technical Surveys to identify extend of mine contamination.
Danish Refugee Council FL-06006 INGO No 77, 1st Cross Street, Vavuniya 01-Nov-99 3 51 Promoting durable solutions to the problems pf Internally Displaced Persons.
Construction of water supply and sanitation facilities.
ZOA Refugee Care - Netherlands FL-05214 INGO No 136/2, Isipathana Mawatha, Colombo 05. 01-Jan-05 229 Community Resettlement and Rehabilitation Programme
American Refugee Committee. FL-97514 INGO No 176/26, Lower Road, Orr's Hill Trincomalee 15-Dec-06 2   Home Gardening and DOA Capacity building
Goal Sri Lanka FL-98906 INGO No 71, Hotel Road, Mt Lavinia 01-Jan-05 12 173 Development & Support of tsunami effected areas
Movimondo FL-38201 INGO No 5/5, Police Park Terrace, Colombo 05. 19-Dec-01 6 20  
Terre des hommes L-13705 INGO No 45/13, Coolawad Road, Batticoloa 05-Jul-00 11 250 Psychosocial component to support pre-school and school aged children.
Umcor FL-100506 INGO NO 27/1, Melbourne Avenue, Colombo 04.        
International Medical Corps FL-96505 INGO No15, Green LaND Avanue, Havelock Park, Colombo 05. 08-Jul-05 9 23 1. Increase mental Health capacity of primary health care providers, improve livelihood capacity.
2. Increase health care access and post - emergency primary health care service at selected sites in the tsunami affected region.
Northwest Medical Team International FL-98105 INGO 2A, 2/1, CBM House, Lake Drive, Colombo 08. 01-Jan-05 3 40 1. Increase mental Health capacity of primary health care providers, improve livelihood capacity.
2. Increase health care access and post - emergency primary health care service at selected sites in the tsunami affected region.
The Art of Living Foundation FL-109804 INGO 20 Alfred House Avenue, Colombo 03. 05-Sep-05 1 125 The Art of Living Project
Cesvi FL-96714 INGO 124, Lower Road, Orr Hill, Trincomalee. 01-Feb-05 4 24 1. Completion of Rehabilitation of Kuddikarachi School, Kinniya - Trincomalee District.
2. Construction of Second building in Gokarella Children House, Kurunegala District.
3. Integrated Community Development for Tsunami affected populations in Trin
World Concern FL-100914 INGO No 62-AE, Muhandiram Dabare Mw, Colombo 05. 01-Mar-05 1 55 Shelter/Housing, Water & Sanitation , Livelihood Reconstruction & Psychosocial Care
Lutheran World Relief FL-108701 INGO 410/96, Bullers Rd., Colombo 07. 19-Sep-05 1   Livelihood, Education, Health, Early Warning System & Peace
Foundation For International Training (FIT) FL-49511 INGO No 20/1, Greenland Lane, Off-Isipathana Mw, Colombo 05. 01-Jan-02 1 14 1. Deliver child rights and child protection projects at the community level
2. Physical progress project.
Caritas Sri Lanka   INGO Caritas Sri Lanka - SEDEC, 133, Kynsey Road, Colombo 08. 01-Jan-68 45 1121 1. National Animation Programme
2. Relief & Rehabilitation Programme
3. Human Rights Programme
4. Good Governance Programme
5. National Peace Programme
6. Women's Ewpowerment Programme.
Islamic Relife Worldwide FL-97514 INGO Islamic Relife Worldwide , No 04, Post Office Lane, Nintavur. 28-Dec-04 4 54 Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Phase.
Consertium of Humanitarian Agencies ( CHA ) L-00606 INGO No 86, Rosmoad Place, Colombo 7, 01-Apr-97 2 151 1. Build knowledge and skills particularly in areas of information gathering, processing and dissemination;
2. Ensure quality and accountability of work in management, implementation and provision of service;
3. Strengthen links with national and int
Samaritan's Purse FL-97314 INGO 107, Barnes Place, Colombo 07 09-May-00 7 50 Permanent Housing Project, Livelihoods Project, Children & Youth Project, Shelter Project, CDE ( Community Development Education ) and Strategic and Emergency Response project
Alliance Development Trust FL-106206 INGO 32, Ebenezer Place, Dehiwala. 01-Jan-02 2 42 Four Main Departments and two desks and the relief activities as and when needed
Surangani Voluntary Services (SVC) L-53111 INGO 52,Kirulapane Mawatha, Kirulapane, Colombo 05. 20-Dec-92 1 5 Set up Preschool Federation.
Preschool Picture Book Library (ALIPENCHA).
Preschool Hygiene Promotion (CHAW).
Picture Book Workshops.
Preschool Teacher Training Workshops.
Preschool Savings Programme.
Educational Foster Programme.
Children's Center.
Save The Children FL-03611 INGO 58A, Horton Place, Colombo - 07 01-Jan-03 16 345 Main activities of save the children in Sri Lanka
Pacific Asia Resource Center ( PARC ) FL-87512 INGO 438/1 Havelock Road, Colombo 06. 19-Jul-04 2 06 1. Emergency rehabilitation project for Tsunami affected fishing villages in the East coast of Jaffna.
2. Women Empowerment and dry fish livelihood program.
3. Research project on Fisheries Development and market access in the North and East of Sri Lank
Mines Advisory Group (MAG) FL-51116 INGO 9/1, Edmonton Road, Colombo 05. 01-Jul-02 8 90 1. Clear Landmines
2. Clear UXO
3. Deliver Mine Risk Education (MRE)
4. Undertakes a range of HMA activities including manual and mechanical clearance, explosive ordnance disposal, fencing,BAC and visual and community liaison and mines risk education.
BRAC - Sri Lanka FL-94806 INGO Country Program Coordinator,BRAC Sri Lanka, 12-May-05 12 114 1. Livelihood activities through grants and loans.
118 Vijaya Kumarathunga Mawatha 2. Training and capacity building of Partner NGO and BRAC Sri Lanka staff to make them involve in microfinance and livelihood activities in Tsunami affected areas.
Colombo 05 3. Rehabilitation activities for the com
World University Service of Canada FL-11003 INGO 106 Jawatte Road, Colombo 05.   4 145 1. The project for rehabilitation through education training (PRET).
2. Plantation communities project (PCP)
3. The Uniterra/Volunteer Coperation Project (Uniterra/VCP)
HelpAge International L-03214 INGO No.102, Pemananda Mawatha, Ratthanapitiya, Boralesgamuwa. 02-May-86 3 68 1. HelpAge Sri Lanka
2. Post Tsunami Recovery
Norwegian People's Aid FL-53176 INGO No.02 Jawatte Avenue, Colombo 05. 01-Jun-02 8 65 1. Mine action assistance in the uncleared of the Vanni (de-mining).
2. Technical support to national de-mining agencies: MMIP clearance in the cleared areas and Task Impact Assistance (TIA)
3. Technical Advise, Maintenance Support and Running Cost of the
Oxfam Australia FL-04801 INGO 47, Mahinda Place, Kirulapona, Colombo 06. 1 62 1. Tsunami Response Program,
2. Humanitarian Relief and Emergency assistance,
3. Rural Development, Social Mobilisation and Livelihood Improvement.
4. Women's Empowerment and Gender Equity,
5. Trade & Labour right campaign in the Garment Sector (EPZ) and
2. Humanitarian Relief and Emergency assistance,
3. Rural Development, Social Mobilisation and Livelihood Improvement.
4. Women's Empowerment and Gender Equity,
5. Trade & Labour right campaign in the Garment Sector (EPZ) and
ACTED FL-99314 INGO 35/5 Idama Mawatha, Colombo 05. 07-Feb-05 5 63 1. Long term recovery through agriculture support to tsunami affected framers.
2. Communtiy managed sustainable energy and water systems promoting resettlement and recovery for Tsunami affected areas.
3. Rehabilitation and provision of basic living condit
Ameri Cares FL-96905 INGO 65/6, 5th Lane, Nawala 15-Jun-05 4 10 Programmes on Tsunami Rehabilitaion in Sri Lanka
Norwegian Church Aid FL-106704 INGO Norwegian Church Aid, 22, Palmyrah Avenue, Colombo 03. 05-Jan-06 2 06 1. Providing Water and Sanitation facilities for disadvantaged communities, school and hospitals.
2. Addressing gender based violence and women's empowerment.
3. Peace and reconciliation through inter-religious dialouge.
The Johanniter FL-101705 INGO Johanniter International Assistance ,ADH House, 01-Jan-05 4 05 At present, Johanniter International Assistance is running seven projects in Sri Lanka. In Hanbantota/Matara, we run a rehabilitation project for the reconstruction of Tsunami affected house, wich will be concluded in October 2006. Also, we collaborate cl
20, Mac Leod Road,
Colombo 04
Kinderberg International e.v FL-107704 INGO 83, Yard Road, Kalmunai, Ampara 01-Aug-05 1 17 The overal mission of the KinderBerg is to assist childern, adolescents and those who work most directly with young people within the family education and health sectors in societies affected by natural disasters and/or conflict as they try to rebuild the
AFMAL - FBF FL-94305 INGO 48/1 Periya Uppoday, Batticaloa 23-Jul-06 2 04 Main activities of the NGO are related to Heath Care.
Emergency Architects FL-99506 INGO 250/34 Hoghlevel Road, Colombo 06. 27-Dec-04 2 37 Emergency Architects
Cooperazioneinternazionale FL-101014 INGO 1, Market Road, Pottuvil, Sri Lanka. 01-Mar-05 4 17 Housing and Social-Economic Developmentin in Sengamangrammam Village. & Psycho-social Activities in Unawatuna
Dan Church Aid FL-100214 INGO 4th Floor, 22 Palmyrah Avenue, Colombo 03. 01-Mar-05 3 04 Funding local partner organizations involved in relief and rehabilitation work.
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee FL-104814 INGO 22/5 Station Road, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka. 26-Dec-04 3 13 Main activities include initial provision of temporary shelters, the peovision of permanent homes and community development/Livelihood programs for Tsunami affected families.
People in Need FL-100114 INGO People in Need231/2 Thirugnanasampanthar Street, Trincomalee. 05-Feb-05 4 27 1. Education
2. Social Care
3. Water and Sanitation
4. Livelihoods
5. Emergency
Asia Onlus FL-98706 INGO Association for International Solidarity in Asia, 347 Galle Road, Gorakapola, Panadura. 01-Jun-05 2 05 1. Emergency Reconstruction for Panadura Families Affected by Tsunami, Panadura Division, Kaluthara District fase 1 concluded July 2006, fase 2 starting date Sepember 2006.
2. Provision of Kitchens, Storages, Eating Areas and Water and Sanitation Faciliti
Motivation FL-48401 INGO Main Charitable Trust, 104,2nd/3rd Floor, Havelock Central Building, Havelock Road, Colombo 05   17 29 Our goal is to help local oranisations develop rehabilitation service for pepole with mobility disabilities in Sri Lanka with aim to increase the integration of people with disabilities into the community.
Alisei FL-99406 INGO 20/63 Grenier Road, Borella. 01-Mar-05 2 25 1. Food and Agriculture Organisation.
2. World Food Programme.
3. Rehabilitation of Mahamodara Maternity Hospital Galle.
Agrisud Internationl FL-102210 INGO 210/2, Lower Road, Orr's Hill - Trincomalee. 01-Jun-05 1 12 Restarting Economic Activities After Tsunami Disaster and Strengthening Agricultural Sector

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