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Sunday Times distorts facts to mislead readers on aircraft damaged in Anuradhapura

"He could hoodwink readers but not his own conscience."

The Defence Ministry responds to an article that appeared on The Sunday Times on 04th November 2007, falsely reporting that five Chinese built K-8 aircraft of the SLAF were damaged during the Anuradhapura attack.

The "Defence Analyst" of The Sunday Times states, "The Sunday Times stands by its statement that one K-8 was destroyed outside the hangar and that five others were damaged inside the hangar". A picture was also shown as one of the said K-8's damaged inside the hangar, which appears to be a selective attempt to mislead readers, while distorting facts to create doubts in the public mind. The attempt to show that five K-8 aircraft were damaged inside the hangar is a complete distortion of the truth.

The picture reproduced from The Sunday Times along with the caption is shown below. The aircraft that is shown is a Chinese built Nanchan CJ-6 pilot training aircraft, which is not a K-8 as the 'Situation Report' "Defence Analyst" states either in his ignorance or attempt at credibility through misreporting. This is something the writer could have verified easily either from the SLAF, or any other person or source more familiar with aircraft.

In keeping with the principle that the public has the public right to known the truth; we have clearly explained the actual images below. However, some comment is necessary in view of what we see as an attempt to mislead the public about the actual losses at Anuradhapura, seeking to contradict the report of losses announced by the Air Force.

This wrong report, sought to be substantiated by photographic evidence, can reasonably be seen by others as an attempt by the "Defence Analyst", to instill doubts in the mind of the public that, the security forces and the government are unnecessarily concealing information.

There is no doubt that all defence correspondents address issues of vital public importance, but it is unbecoming of a "Defence Analyst", to present distorted information for public consumption.

"The people of Sri Lanka, including readers of The Sunday Times, are discerning enough to understand what the truth is, and what fiction is" - states the "Defence Analyst". While welcoming his statement we request all interested parties to go through the information given in this column so they may find out the truth from fiction, especially about aircraft destroyed and damaged at Anuradhapura.

The so-called "Defence Analyst", may continue distorting the truth and we would always respond by placing the facts before the public. In exposing attempts to mislead the public we would not hesitate to call a spade, a spade.


This is a Chinese built K-8 intermediate pilot trainer aircraft, used in the SL  Air force training squadron. The SL Air Force stands by its' reports that only 01 K-8 trainer was destroyed during the A'Pura attack.


"The Sunday Times" reports: A damaged Chinese built K-8 intermediate trainer aircraft inside the SLAF hangar at Anuradhapura. Note the glass canopy is warped due to the heat from fire. The nose and the wings are damaged. This is just one of five K-8 aircraft that were inside the hangar. (Situation Report - 04.11.2007)


This is a similar type aircraft shown in 'The Sunday Times' Situation Report (04.11.2007), which is actually a Chinese built 'Nanchan CJ-6', basic pilot trainer in the SLAF.  03 similar type air craft were destroyed in the Anuradhapura attack.


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