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LTTE Heavily Involved In Fund Raising For Hilary Clinton In New Jersey

(By Walter Jayawardhana)

Well known activists of a banned terrorist group in the United States are involved in the fund raising activities of the US Democratic candidate Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton.

According to a fundraising web site for the Senator, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) activists are involved in raising funds from 100 Dollars to 2300 Dollars to help elect Senator Clinton as the next United States President. The website could be reached at:

New Jersey residents have expressed the fear, that LTTE or the Tamil Tigers could flush supporters with millions of dollars, to buy influence over the next possible President of the United States of America by infiltrating into democratic fund raising machine.

An email distributed by a female activist, Pat Pathmakumar for the group under the name "Tamils for Clinton" has appealed to contribute for the Clinton fund by sending checks to her or a man named Ram Ranjan, a man who organized the LTTE Heroes day meeting in New Jersey last year. Ranjan has publicly admitted he raised funds for LTTE front, the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO).

The terrorist group, that introduced innovative methods like suicide jackets to many terrorist groups in the world, is listed as a foreign terrorist group by the State Department and the US Federal police , the FBI has alleged that the group had offered to them millions of dollars as bribes to lift the ban. The group is alleged to be using bribes to buy influence in India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The money is being earned mostly by fraudulent business, credit card scams, drug running, voluntary fund raising and extortions of the Tamil Diaspora, according to a recent report of the Jane's Defense weekly.

According to the Clinton website, a leading LTTE activist, who came to live in New Jersey in 1994, called Ram Ranjan is one of the fund raisers of the Clinton campaign. Several others who are connected with him are also listed among the fund raisers.

Ram Ranjan has earlier admitted that he had raised funds for the Tamil Tigers front organization called Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) which had raised funds purportedly for humanitarian purposes but actually diverted those funds for terrorist activities from many countries in the world.

A year ago he told a New Jersey newspaper called Star Ledger that although he supported the TRO; it is not connected with the terrorist group LTTE.

The Star Ledger reported, "... ......... he serves as state coordinator of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization, which raises money for medical services, schools and orphanages and the victims of the LTTE, not the LTTE, Ranjan said."

The US State Department has identified the TRO as a front organization of the LTTE and it is banned in many countries in the world.

The Star Ledger newspaper interviewed Ranjan an year ago after he was involved in organizing a LTTE hero's day commemorating meeting with accepted leaders of the LTTE in the US as speakers, local residents said. Pro LTTE website the Tamil Net said that the function started by hoisting LTTE separatist flag. The meeting was organized by a front organization of the LTTE, the South Asian Community Association.

Sri Lankan Tamil group held the memorial meeting to eulogize dead Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fighters including suicide bombers as heroes but told the New Jersey newspaper "Star-Ledger" they did not have any connections with a terrorist group.

The group South Asian Community Association or SACA with Ranjan as an organizer caught attention after it rented an auditorium of the south Brunswick middle School in New Jersey, USA for a memorial to eulogize the dead LTTE fighters including those suicide bombers who targeted unarmed civilians and raised the flag of the LTTE and sang the anthem of the group on December 02 2006.

The meeting was addressed by known leaders of the LTTE in the United States, Visuvanadan Rudrakumaran and Dr. Naglingam Jeyalingam. .

The Star-Ledger newspaper of New Jersey who published two consecutive news articles about the group who rented the Brunswick school reported that, " South Brunswick police officials said last week investigators were looking into allegations that the Princeton Junction-based South Asian Community Association is linked to the Liberation

Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which is designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department."

The police investigations started after some residents of Brunswick reported to the police that the organizers of the meeting were actually a front organization for the LTTE.


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