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Last modified on: 12/30/2010 11:22:28 PM<% on Error Resume Next Response.Expires = 0 %> LTTE defences in Mannar and Vavuniya fall to army; terrorists on the run with soaring casualties

LTTE defences in Mannar and Vavuniya fall to army; terrorists on the run with soaring casualties

Reports from the battlefronts in Wanni indicate that Sri Lanka army soldiers have been able to dominate the LTTE defences at Uyilankulama and Thampanai by this evening (December 22).

According to the reports, troops have launched a pre-emptive strike at the Uiylankulama terrorists' bunker line around 10 this morning and destroyed 10 LTTE bunkers. Army radio monitoring units have revealed that 8 terrorists were killed and over 14 injured in the battle that lasted for hours. However, the ground troops have reported that the terrorists' casualties might be very much higher than they have spoken through radios.

Ground sources have further said that the terrorists' attempt to recapture the bunker line was completely crushed by army infantrymen backed by artillery support, this evening at around 2.30p.m.

One soldier made his ultimate sacrifice for the motherland while six others sustained injuries. The injured were immediately directed to medical attention, the reports said.

Meanwhile, in the Vavuniya front, terrorists have vacated their defence line at Thampani this afternoon as the battle intensified on the Mannar front. Military sources said that, the terrorists have taken flight in the face of the clearing operations launched by troops this morning.

According to radio monitoring units the terrorists have gone on a total confusion as female LTTE cadres at the frontlines refused to fight and started to withdraw. The senior male leaders who are at the back were heard yelling at the female cadres to defend the frontlines and to hold the army advance. However, many orders from the back were repeatedly ignored and ended up as heated arguments between the LTTE ranks and the leaders, sources further added.

Separately, troops mobilized armour tanks pounding LTTE bunker positions ahead of Manthai defences, north of Mannar today at 10.30a.m, security sources said. Ground sources reveal, many LTTE bunkers were destroyed with heavy losses to terrorists in the military advance, though figures were yet to be verified.

Meanwhile, troops are now consolidating the new defence lines, security sources said.

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