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<% on Error Resume Next Response.Expires = 0 %> "Innovation to Engage" the Medal Awarding ceremony of the Mechanized Infantry Regiment

"Innovation to Engage" the Medal Awarding ceremony of the Mechanized Infantry Regiment

The awarding ceremony of the cap badges to the newly formed Mechanized Infantry Brigade was held today (28) at the Security Forces head quarters Jaffna.

The Mechanized Infantry Regiment was envisioned by the Commander of Army Lieutenant General GSC Fonseka RWP RSP USP rcds psc "Jawayen Peramunata" was the set motto.

Troops who excelled in the battle field from the armored battalions and other experienced officers of the Infantry Battalions were the first parade of the Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

The regiment takes a long period of strenuous training under certain circumstances, but because of the experience and hard work of the Commander of the Army and senior training officers and other ranks, The Mechanized Infantry Brigade was able to train and establish in a short period of time.

The most exceptional battalions of the Sri Lanka Army which are the 3rd Light Infantry Battalion, 10th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, the 4th Gajaba Battalion and a new addition of the 5th & the 6th armored corps battalions formed the new Mechanized Infantry Regiment.

This brigade formally known as 534 brigade and now transformed as Mechanized Infantry Brigade is all set to engage in large scale missions to protect by all means the sovernity and freedom of Sri Lanka with unmatched thrust in the battlefield.

On invitation by the Mechanized Infantry Regiment Commander Major General J Jayasooriya USP psc the Security Forces Commander of Jaffna Major General GA Chandrasiri RWP USP ndc psc participated as the chief guest.

The Security Force Commander instructed the new pass outs to be brave and to destroy the enemy, so that the citizens of Sri Lanka would enjoy peace.

The pass out was participated by 52, 53, 55 Divisional Commanders, Mechanized Infantry Brigade Commander, Mechanized Infantry Centre Commandant, other Brigade Commanders, Senior & Junior officers and over 1500 other rankers.

Lt. Col AGDN Jayasundra RWP USP commanded this parade. A total of 8 officers and 125 other rankers took part in the parade, further included for display of this parade was three T-89 Armored vehicles, 2 ambulances, and 3 WMZ 55 1B type armored vehicles.


Courtesy : MCNS

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