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<% on Error Resume Next Response.Expires = 0 %> Suicide bomb explosion near Sambuddhaloka temple ; 10 killed, over 95 wounded - Fort  [Updated]

Suicide bomb explosion near Sambuddhaloka temple ; 10 killed, over 95 wounded - Fort  [Updated]

Ten including eight Police personnel were killed and over 95 casualties reported, following the LTTE suicide bomb attack near Sambuddhaloka Viharaya, Fort at  12.05 p.m., today (May 16). 

According to the available information, a motor bike riding LTTE suicide bomber had rammed into a bus carrying Police personnel at the Ceramic Junction, near Shri Sambuddhaloka Viharaya. 

The Police personnel were to serve with security in the area in a possible emergency with related to a protest scheduled by the main opposition party in Colombo Fort this afternoon.

Director General National Hospital Dr. Hector Weerasinghe exclusively speaking to said that, over 90 people have been already admitted to the National hospital. Sixty two (62) civilians, 30 Police  and 3 Army personnel were among the casualties received, he was quoted as saying.

The latest LTTE carnage comes in the eve of  'Vesak' a national and religious festival, and also within a week of the pre-election bomb explosion at Ampara which left dozen killed and 30 others wounded.

The LTTE is an internationally banned terrorist outfit, fighting for a mono-ethnic state since 1983. 


Scenes from the blast site. LTTE motor bike riding suicide bomber rammed into a bus carrying Police personnel at the Lotus road in front of the Sambuddhaloka Viharaya, today (May 16) at 12.05.p.m.


Nine people were killed including 7 Police personnel. Over 90 others including 62 civilians were also reported wounded.

The driver of Sports and Recreation Minister Gamini Lokuge was among the dead.


Remains of the LTTE suicide bomber's motor bike.


Number plate of the  suspected suicide bomber's motor bike

The bus rammed by the suicide bomber.



LTTE terrorists explode a bomb in Ampara town

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