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Progress of Wanni theatre of operations - (Updated on 15th August)

The Battle Progress

Chronology of Humanitarian Advances into non-liberated areas

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Sri Lankan armed forces police, police Special Task Force (STF) and Civil Defenc Force (CDF) are engaged in counter terrorist operations against the world's most barbaric terrorist organization named Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) or commonly known as Tamil Tigers. The mission of the Sri Lankan security forces is to free the Island nation from clutches of terrorism and to make it a country where all Sri Lankans can live in peace and harmony...


The Area Domination

The LTTE had its domination mainly in the Kilinochchi, and Mullaittivu and some parts of the Mannar, and Vavuniya districts in the Northern Province before the present operations began. Troops on completion of the operation in the Silavatura and Mannar front totally liberated the Mannar district. At present, LTTE has the domination in some parts of Mullaittivu and Kilinochchi districts and the Northern portion of the Vavuniya district. The area belonging to Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu districts are commonly called the Wanni region...


The Forces

The forces engaged in the counter terror operations include Sri Lanka Army, Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Air Force, Sri Lanka Police, Police Special Task Force (STF) and Civil Defence Force...


The Strategy

The Strategy in achieving the mission is to defeat terrorists through attrition warfare. In other words, it is to reduce the effectiveness of a force by causing losses to personnel and material. The strategy is a radical departure from earlier strategy of expanding land domination or engaged in "land grabbing" operations.


The Battlefield

There are two theatres of operations identified as Jaffna and Wanni, at present. Security forces' Forward Defence Line (FDL) in the Jaffna theatre stretches for about 12 km on the neck of the Jaffna peninsula. The Wanni theatre initially had a winding FDL stretches for about 115 km, on the mainland between the Mannar coast on the northwestern shores of the Island and the Kokkuttoduvai coast on the northeastern shores. However, the FDL often alters in its shape and distance with the progress of the operations in dynamic Wanni theatre.


Northern Battlefront

The Army deployed two offensive divisions at the Northern battle theater, which earlier maintained the strategic forward defence line(FDL) between security forces and LTTE from Kilaly lagoon towards Nagarkovil, further East.  The defence line extended from West of the Jaffna lagoon at Kilaly, stretching across Muhamalai towards Nagarkovil.  Army's 53 and 55 Divisions changed mode from strategic defence, towards offensive pushing LTTE further south liberating the entire Jaffna peninsula, from LTTE.

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Kilinochchi West

This was the warfront opened by Army Task Force 1 after fully liberating the Mannar district. The front became active with troops entering the Kilinochchi district from the southwestern district boarders following the liberation of Vellankulama. Troops recently completed their northwards march along the Northwestern coastal belt of the island and opened up the Mannar- Pooneryn road (A-32) running along coastal belt. The battlefront was considered to be of the highest strategic importance as the LTTE's main sea supply route lies across the Palk Strait.

At present, troops have turned their axis from South to North to West to East lining up themselves in the Western borders of the Kilinochchi outskirts.

During their march troops have gained control over 82 km long A-32 road, and liberated the

Adampan, Andankulama, Parappakadattan, Vidattaltivu, Iluppaikkaddavai, Vellankulama, Molonkavil, Nachchikudha, Vannerikulama, Manniyankulama , Pallawarayankaddu , Chunnavil, Nochchimoddai, Chempankundu, Vallaipadu, Devils point, Pooneryn and Nivil and 'Sinna-Paranthan' areas.


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Kilinochchi South 

Troops of 57 division having liberated the Western region of the Vavuniya district and the Madhu area in the Mannar district, are now at the door step of the terrorist's administrative capital Kilinochchi. The battle frontage has been extremely active since its opening as the thrust has been directly at the Wanni heartland. At present, troops have reached the outskirts of Kilinochchi built up from the South and West and continue to push their forward boundaries to the Kilinochchi and Poonaryn-Paranthan road.

57 division troops commenced their operation opening up the Vavuniya front from Madhu road, Giant Tank East, Pandisurichchan and Thampanai areas and achieved the largest area domination by liberating Madhu, Palampiddi, Mundumurippu and Periyamadhu areas. Later, they combined with the Task Force 1 that was marching ahead on the Mannar front making the Mannar-Vavuniya front- the largest battlefront ever maintained against terrorists.

Then, they entered into the Mullaittivu district crossing the southwestern district boarder and so far liberated the Naddankandal, Chiraddikulam Kalvilan , Tunukkai, Mallavi, Vannivilankulam, Murukkandi, and Akkarayankulam areas.

The latest induction to the front is Task Force 3 , which is directing its thrust towards the East of the Jaffna-Kandy (A-9) road. With in days after its induction, TF 3 troops cut off the A-9 road at Pannikkankulam denying the terrorist use of the road from Omananthai to Kilinochchi. The latest achievement of the Task Force 3 is the liberation of the Mankulam.  

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Troops of 59 division is the first ever Army battle formation to venture in to the Mullaittivu jungles forming a battlefront north of Welioya. Initially, troops started to move into the Mullaittivu forest from the north of Janakapura, Kiriibbanwewa and Kokkutoduvai areas and so far pushed their forward defence line for about 10 km north from the initial position.

At present, troops are maneuvering along the west of the Nayaru lagoon heading towards the Mullaittivu town situated on the Eastern border of the district. The present defence lies 15 km south of the Mullaittivu main terror bastion. During their march, troops have dislodged hundreds of enemy bunkers and captured prominent terror camps such as Munagam Base, Michael Base, Sugandan Base and most recently Jeevan Base.

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Vavuniya Front

Vavuniya front represent northern section of the Vavuniya district that lies between Omanthai and Mankaulam, and also on the either side of the A-9 road. Troops of Task Force 2, 56 division and 61 division are operating on the Vavuniya front at present.

61 division troops are mainly engaged in clearing operations in the recently liberated areas of both Mannar and Vavuniya districts. 56 division troops maintain the active defence on defence line that stretches from east to west across A-9 road at Omanthai.

Troops of Task Force 2 carry out the counter terror offensives along the northwestern border of the Vavuniya district on the west of the A-9 road. They have so far liberated the Navvi village and are now in the process of liberating the Palamoddai area.  

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