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March in the shadowy Mullaittiuvu forest; troops capture more LTTE stongholds

March continued in the shadowy Mullaittiuvu forest; troops capture more LTTE strongholds

Troops of Army 59 division continuing their march in the Mullaittiuvu forest yesterday (Aug 4) captured 2 well fortified bunkers, a small camp and a firing range of LTTE terrorists.

According to the defence sources in the field, the two bunkers were captured around 1PM following a clash occurred in the Niththikaikulam area, 9 Km North of Janakapura.

Elsewhere, forward operation troops took control of an LTTE camp that extends around 3-4 acres of land last morning. Sources reveal that the camp has several underground bunkers, trenches, a well, toilet facilities and several buildings that had been demolished due to the indirect fire. Also, troops found 150 m long firing range and a mortar pit that had been used for a 120mm mortar gun in the close proximity to the said camp, the sources added. Terrorists are fast making off towards LTTE's main bastions in the Mullaittiuvu, the sources further observed.

Meanwhile, military reports received from the Welioya front indicate 6 terrorists were killed , and 7 others injured in yesterday's clashes occurred in the North of Kiribbanwewa, and Janakapura areas. Also, a soldier suffered injuries during these clashes.

A detail report on situation reports will follow...

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