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Army captures Palamoddai and Ulathuvely areas

Army captures Palamoddai and Ulathuvely areas

The counter terrorist offensive operation launched to liberate Wanni region from LTTE clutches has reached to a significant milestone as the troops of Task Force-2 and 59 Division captured the Palamoddai Town, west of A-9 Road, near Omanthai, and Ulathuvely beach area, 4 km to the north of Kokkutuduvai in the Welioya front, respectively this afternoon, 28 August, the latest report received from battlefront said.

Troops of Task Force 2 advanced along the northwestern border of the Vavuniya district, on the west of the A-9 road have gained the total control over the Palamoddai town area. LTTE terrorists making their fullest effort to protect this strategically vital area and to delay the security forces' advances directing heavy resistance on them. With the fall of Palamoddai, terrorists have to make more efforts to defend their territory in north of Omanthai area against the fast moving victorious soldiers now marching towards Kilinochchi, defence sources said.

Simultaneously, troops of the 59 Division advanced to the north of Kokkutoduvai have captured the Ulathuvely area, about 4 km, north of Kokkutoduvai, a strategically important beach front.

Vavuniya Battle front Weli-Oya Battle front

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