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Over 16000 Tamils in Jaffna protest against LTTE terrorism

Over 16000 Tamils in Jaffna protest against LTTE terrorism

Tamil civilians in Jaffna today (Dec 21) staged a massive protest against atrocities committed against them by the LTTE terrorists. According to the special correspondent in Jaffna, over 16000 civilians marched peacefully from Kaithadi to Chawakachcheri this morning displaying banners and placards with slogans against the LTTE.

The protestors demanded the LTTE to let them live in peace and to free the Tamils held hostage in Wanni LTTE hiding areas.

One participant to the march speaking to called the LTTE leader a coward, who is trying to save his life by hiding under shield of innocent civilians.

"All the civilians are in the view that the damaged caused to the Sri Lankan Tamils by the LTTE is irrecoverable. They say that the graveyards are the only achievement of the LTTE" said our correspondent.

"There were many elderly parents who called LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran, a curse upon Tamils that devoured generations of Tamil children" he added.

Meanwhile, the protestors took a special note of the support received by the LTTE from the Tamil Diaspora.

"There were many banners requesting the Tamils living aboard to stop funding LTTE and let the Sri Lankan Tamils to live in peace"

"'We are not pawns of your game of tribalism' was the message they wanted to convey to those who support the LTTE", said our correspondent citing the organizers of the protest.

Also, the organizers told that the true voice of Sri Lankan Tamils is barred by LTTE hired hands in the international media. They added the world should recognize that the true aspirations of Sri Lankan Tamils have nothing to do with fanatic ambitions of the LTTE leader.

"Our protest will continue until the world realizes that Sri Lankan Tamils do not want to be a property of a terrorists outfit" they added.



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