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'Sinna-Paranthan' falls to security forces: Over 20 terrorists killed, 5 bodies recovered- Kilinochchi [Updated]

'Sinna-Paranthan' falls to security forces: Over 20 terrorists killed, 5 bodies recovered- Kilinochchi [Updated]

Troops of the Task Force -1 now engaged in counter terrorist offensives West of Paranthan, consolidated 300m further southwards along the LTTE built earth bund cum ditch, reportedly capturing a terror strongpoint, 'Sinna-Paranthan' this morning (Dec 23).

Latest reports received from the battlefront confirmed over 20 LTTE terrorists killed and many injured during the confrontations. Troops have recovered 5 LTTE bodies, similar number of T-56 assault riffles and an I-com set while consolidating defences in the area.

According to Army media, troops faced stiff resistance from LTTE in the battle for Sinna-Paranthan, which is located along the A-35 main road, 6km West of Paranthan Township. Farmers inhabited the village before terrorists dominated the area, the sources said adding that LTTE bunkers and trenches were built in close perimeters of the government buildings including a school and the Divisional Secretariat office.

Troops are continuing clearing operations in the area, Army sources further said.

Bodies of 3 female terrorists killed in the battle at Sinna-Paranthan- 23 Dec 2008.

Over 20 LTTE terrorists were killed in the fierce gun battle along the LTTE built earth bund at Sinna-Paranthan.

'Beyond the enemy line'. A SLA trooper taking position after overrunning a stretch of the LTTE constructed earth bund at Sinna-Paranthan.

Lashing floods restricted the surge of military for days.  The non-liberated area, over the captured LTTE earth bund.

LTTE terrorists have used the Sinna-Paranthan government school as a harbouring point.

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