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Soldiers of humanity

Soldiers of humanity

Fighting a silent battle to save innocent from the evil grip of LTTE

The plight of Sri Lankan Tamil citizens held in captive by the LTTE terrorists has been the most discussed topic

 these days among local and international bodies in the country. Many foreign bodies and international media are continuing to make weird comments on the situation with an unconcealed effort to detach the LTTE terrorist from the plight of the civilians.

They deny accepting the fact that LTTE is forcibly holding the civilians in Wanni as a human shield and killing and maiming those who brave to defy its orders. They called the terrorist, "the Rebels" when LTTE massacred tens and thousands of Sinhalase and Muslims, they called the same when it assassinated Tamil politicians and when it was proven beyond doubt that LTTE is using children as cannon fodder, and they are continuing to use the same term when it is committing mass murder against the Tamil civilians.

Denying accepting the true face of the LTTE has been the fool's paradise for many of these foreign bodies trying to cover their hypocrisy with a veil of "impartiality". They devour any propaganda ploy of the LTTE and encourage the terrorists to make more stage managed events soaked with blood of the innocent. The condemnation over cold blooded crimes that they cannot find any other perpetrator but the LTTE come by like wringing water from a flint.

Yet, the truth is not unknown to the public that had lost so much and suffered unimaginable horrors at the hands of the so- called rebels for over 25 years. With their blessings Sri Lanka armed forces are continuing to fight a noble but silent battle that has never fought on this planet earth before. Sri Lankan soldiers are dead set to wipe out the last terrorist from the Sri Lankan soil, but they always silence their guns, even in the face of showering terrorist fire to rescue innocent civilians fleeing from terror. They will continue to risk their lives, face death, until they rescue the last civilian under terrorist clutches.

For those who killed millions in pursuit of mere economic gains, this kind of  morality on the part of soldiers is unthinkable. Let them continue to suspect our effort; it bares nothing but their hypocrisy. There is no need of testimony for a noble deed.

The following are the latest pictures showing the humanitarian efforts of our soldiers. No artillery barrage , suicide bomber, machine gun fire can shake their professionalism , neither the confidence placed on them by the civilians.

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