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Last modified on: 12/30/2010 11:37:24 PM Boston Globe should apologize to Sri Lankan people

Boston Globe should apologize to Sri Lankan people

(By Chandrani Gunaratna, USA)

As the communication facilities of LTTE terrorists fell in the Wanni when Sri Lankan troops marched in, the Tigers found a savoir to broadcast their hatred propaganda. The Boston Globe has gladly stepped in to fill the void.

The Op-ed column "Genocide in Sri Lanka" by Bruce Fein in the Globe on Sunday, February 15, is a clear example of the paper's new-found affection for the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world. The Globe opens up a podium for the sympathizers of LTTE terrorism and their paid mouthpiece, Bruce Fein, a one time deputy attorney general of the U.S., the country that banned the terror group in 1997, to attack Sri Lanka and its 20 million people.

Bruce Fein's outrageous op-ed column talking about "the grisly Sinhalese Buddhist genocide of innocent Hindu or Christian Tamil civilians" is directed against the Sinhalese Buddhist population not only in Sri Lanka but elsewhere in the world also. If he is this skewed the U.S. should re-evaluate his judgments while he was the deputy attorney general under the Reagan administration.

Well, Mr. Fein let's see who is committing genocide against whom now.

The Tamil population in Sri Lanka while spread throughout the country live predominantly in the North and East.

The East was liberated by the government from LTTE in 2007 and according to the census conducted in 2007 there are 590,132 Tamils live in the region with Moors Muslims, and Sinhalese. Since the liberation the government held provincial council elections and elected a former LTTE child soldier, a Tamil, as the Chief Minister.

The 2001 Census shows the Sri Lankan Tamil population in the Colombo Municipal Council limits as 29.7%, almost one third the population of the capital city.

In the North where the majority of Tamils live the 1981 census records a Sinhala civilian population of 6,659 in the Jaffna District, 3,992 in the Mullaittivu District, and 8,683 in the Mannar District. The 1981 census also records a Muslim civilian population of 12,958 in the Jaffna District, 3,651 in the Mullaittivu District, and 27,717 in the Mannar District.

How many Sinhala and Muslim civilians living in the North now? Not a single one in these districts after the ethnic cleansing of the Northern Province by the LTTE in 1991.

The Tamils in Jaffna recently staged a massive protest against atrocities committed against them by the LTTE terrorists.

So where is this so-called genocide being committed in Sri Lanka? In the territory controlled by the LTTE of course.

Aid agencies conducting rescue operations say there are currently about 100,000 Tamil civilians trapped in the North and accuse the LTTE of holding them as human shields to stop their own demise at the hands of the Sri Lankan troops. The UN and ICRC have repeatedly urged the LTTE to allow the civilians to leave to no avail. The UN even demanded the LTTE to let its own staff to leave. Not only do the LTTE hold them, they send suicide bombers to the IDP centers and fire at the buses transporting the refugees. So who is killing the Tamil civilians here?

Apart from these current events how many LTTE suicide bombers have killed Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim civilians in the country? Too many to list here but the whole world remembers the suicide attack on the Central Bank that killed 91 people, the attack on the Buddhists' holiest shrine, the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, that killed 16 Sinhalese, the Aranthalawa Massacre that killed 33 Buddhist monks, the Kent and Dollar Farm massacre that killed 62 Sinhalese farmers and the list goes on.

How about the LTTE genocide against the Muslims who lived in the North and East? Does Fein consider the Kattankudi mosque massacre killing 147 Muslims, the Palliyagodella massacre killing another 109 Muslim men, women, and children and driving away the Muslims from their homes in the East and North as not genocide.

Who has funded these attacks? The Tamil Diaspora whom Bruce Fein is now representing. He is a shame to his noble profession. John Thompson, President of the prestigious Mackenzie Institute based in Toronto, Canada, recently said, "Genocide is not happening in Sri Lanka. Plenty of other nasty things are; but genocide is not of them."

Misguided people like Bruce Fein are helping the Terrorist sympathizers to destroy the Tamil people by prolonging the conflict. Anyone in their right mind in the world does not think that what is happening in Sri Lanka is genocide. People who scream genocide are the true perpetrators of genocide as they are the ones who, for whatever reasons, want the LTTE to continue its terror regime. A media outlet supporting those preposterous claims of a terrorist organization and its supporters is also equally culpable

It is sad to see the Boston Globe stoop to that level.

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