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LTTE receives heavy beating South of Chalai: scores killed, troops recover over 150 terrorist bodies- Mullaittivu

LTTE receives heavy beating South of Chalai: scores killed, troops recover over 150 terrorist bodies- Mullaittivu

At least 200 terrorists were killed, as many wounded and over 150 LTTE bodies recovered by Sri Lankan security forces, following heavy fighting that broke out between troops and LTTE since last Thursday (March 5), at the Mullaittivu battlefront South of Chalai and Palamathalan. The 55 Division, 58 Division including Special Force (SF) and Commando troops comprehensively neutralized the LTTE offensive waves also seizing a large haul of weapons, security sources said.

Security forces thwarted successive offensive attempts made by LTTE to infiltrate the military forward defences South of Chalai yesterday (March 8), which left over 100 terrorists killed and as many injured, battlefield sources reported.

According to latest battle reports received, troops of the 58 Division have uncovered over 100 LTTE bodies along with a large haul of military hardware and equipment during subsequent search operations conducted in the area today(March 9). Heavy fighting broke out between troops and LTTE when terrorists made a desperate attempt to breach the military defence positions, advancing from South of Chalai along the Pudumathalan coastal stretch. LTTE had made the infiltration move, mainly taking advantage of the lull of military retaliation; a strict policy adhered by the troops following the declaration of the No Fire Zone, to secure safety of those civilians held hostage by LTTE.

On receiving timely ground intelligence and aerial reconnaissance information, security forces awaited well prepared for the terrorist infiltrators. Unnoticed, 200odd terrorists were drawn into a massive ambush laid by the 58 Division and Special Forces (SF) troops. With the break of first light troops engaged the rear positions of the LTTE offensive flanks leaving terrorists in total disarray seizing a large haul of weapons and communication equipment. Over 45 LTTE bodies were observed floating in the lagoon stretch while 58 Div troops have reportedly uncovered over 100 LTTE bodies during subsequent search operations conducted.

According to military sources, Lawrence, Swarnam, Gopith, Jerry, Arulnasion and a few other senior LTTE terrorists have command and coordinated the LTTE failed infiltration attempt. Meanwhile, citing intercepted LTTE communication Army said that heated arguments were burst out between Lawrence and Gopith, who had accused each other for the failed mission.

Following items were also uncovered during the search operations conducted.

Items Description


T-56 assault riffles 268
T-58 assault riffles 08
Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) launchers 18
MPMG guns 10
60mm mortar guns 06
12.7 mm anti-air guns 02
Light Machine Guns 02
40mm grenade launcher 01
9mm pistol 01
I-com sets 07
Compass 01
M-91 sniper gun 01

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