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Prabhakaran always for personal fiefdom - Liam Fox

Prabhakaran always for personal fiefdom - Liam Fox

It was evident all along that the LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was not interested in a political solution to the issues in Sri Lanka and the Tamil people, but in establishing a personal fiefdom for himself, said the British Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox is discussions with President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Temple Trees today.

He was appreciative of the leadership of President Rajapaksa and his ability to muster a powerful coalition that brought in divergent political positions; and by this to proceed with his initiative to free the country of terrorism.

President Rajapaksa explained to Dr. Liam Fox the consistent policy of the government with regard to eradicating terrorism, and addressing the problems of the minorities in Sri Lanka through dialogue towards a political solution.

Pressure on TNA

Dr Fox said there was a need for the international community, acting through the Tamil Diaspora, to bring pressure on the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to join other political parties represented in parliament to work out a political solution to the problems of the minorities in Sri Lanka.

He said that if the Tamil Diaspora channeled the funds it gave to the LTTE for the development of the North and East, there could be much progress in the country and development for the minority communities.

President Rajapaksa apprised the British Shadow Defence Secretary, who was familiar with the efforts of earlier governments too to seek peace in the country, of the humanitarian operation by the security forces to defeat the LTTE, eradicate terrorism and restore peace and democracy in the country.

English & IT

Dr. Fox, a leading Conservative MP from Britain, said he was greatly impressed by President Rajapaksa's initiative on the spread of IT and English in the country. He said there was big potential for education to bring people together. The role of the international community at this stage was not to keep raising question, but to see how best to help in bringing the communities in Sri Lanka together, he said.

He also said a future Conservative Government would assist in the spread of IT and English, through the British Council and other agencies.

He outlined the necessity for an independent fund for the rational channeling of assistance from abroad to improve the living conditions of people in less developed countries.

Dr. Fox said the British government had confused issues by its proposal for a special envoy to Sri Lanka, which matter he had taken up with the UK Government.

He said the strong political position of President Rajapaksa today, and his leadership, had opened a unique window of opportunity for Sri Lanka to end a long standing problem and move on a new road to progress, with lasting peace in the country.


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