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Genocide and Cyanide - Both LTTE favourites

Genocide and Cyanide - Both LTTE favourites

 True face of ltte terrorists

(By : Warna Hettiarachchi, Canada)

Genocide is what Hitler practiced against the Jews, what happened in Bosnia and Cambodia (Pol Pot and Khemer Rouge). One third of Colombo's population is TAMIL!!! Entire tea estate sector is farmed by Tamils. All these are in the souther parts of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka's Gold Jewellery capital, Sea Street, is ENTIRELY owned by TAMILS! Maharajah Organization, one of the largest business conglomerates is owned by Tamils and located on Colombo. Anandasangaree, Pillayan, Karuna, Devananda are all Tamils, but denounces LTTE terrorism and follows a democratic mainstream of power sharing. Laksman Kadirgamar, Neelan Tiruchelvam were Oxford graduates (colleagues of Mr. Clinton) who were eliminated by LTTE murderers. They all lived in the southern Sri Lanka amongst majority Sinhalese, just like all other Tamils except those in the North and Terrorist Diaspora.

The sencus of 2001 revealed 1/3 Colombo's population to be Tamil, another 1/3 Muslim and only 1/3 Sinhalese, being the majority of the Country. Colombo's main subdivisions Colombo-1, 2,3,4,5,6,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 are all populated by a large number of Tamils (Have you ever been to Kotahena and Wellawatta?) Then, where is the Genocide?

All the Tamil diaspora members go to visit their families in Sri Lanka through Colombo Airport... if there is genocide, they should all be dead and none ever returned.

What about the confessions of the Catholic nuns in mid-Feb 2009 as to their ghastly experience of LTTE shooting at them and innocent civilians trying to leave the mentally retarded mass murderer Pirapaharun? The UN has endorsed this, while denouncing LTTE's strategy of using civilians as cover and cannon fodder and using infants and children to bear arms and fight a TERRORIST WAR! US state department, the EU, the UK and India cannot be wrong of labelling these terrorizing racists as terrorists.

Now, let's look at the situation in the North: How many Sinhalese and Muslims live in the LTTE held areas? NOT ONE. LTTE over the years, ethnically cleansed these areas by SELECTIVELY killing all Sinhalese and Muslim in EVERY village in the past 30 years. I lived through this in Sri Lanka.

LTTE cold-bloodedly massacred innocent Sinhalese and Muslim communities in Sri Lanka's North/East and ETHNICALLY CLEANSED. They wiped out Dollar and Kent Fishing farm communities - Hundreds of innocent civilians were hacked with swords and machetes - pregnant women were killed and cut open their wombs and the destroyed the foetuses. Infants were smashed on the floor. They killed thousands in the south by suicide bombing public trains, busses, Central Bank, Telecom building, Petroleum refinery, all during peak hours where thousands perished.

In the periphery, they bombed Kebithigollawa peasant frontier village and killed hundreds (several times), bombed Anuradhapura (Sri Maha Bodhi) and Sacred Tooth Relic (Kandy), and killed hundreds of Buddhist monks in Dimbulagala and Aranthalawa, all execution style.

LTTE broke one of the ceasefires in mid 90's (Tamil Tigers abrogated all four truces by themselves) by killing one thousand policemen who put down their weapons in spirit of the ceasefire - all lined-up and sprayed with machine gun fire and pushed them to the mass grave pit forcefully dug by the victims at gunpoint just minutes ago!

The Sinhalese reprisal in 1983 by extremist elements was wrong and unfortunate. John Thopson rightfully depicted that LTTE actually masterminded this Sinhalese emotional reprisal after they provokingly attacked and killed 13 government soldiers patrolling a warming-up tense situation in the North. On that same note, Sinhalese also had subversive extremists killing hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese by JVP in 1970's and 1988 in the south.

Regarding cRapper MIA, this twit was born in the recent history and grew up in the Terrorist fundraiser's paradise of UK, promoted by the bigotry of BBC (Biased Broadcasting Corrupted), learning and believing the fabrications of LTTE infiltrators that twisted facts and history of Sri Lanka. If you have never been to Sri Lanka in your wiser years, you are just another one of the ignorant immigrants as ignorant as your fellow British and Tamil people. Too bad for Gordon Brown and Des Browne - they had to get the Red Face.. this time Sri Lankan President had the stiff upper lip.

Besides, WHO gives a hoot about this twit MIA? Her Hollywood-glorified lies are sugar-coated Cyanide capsules - let the ignorant Canadians, Britons and Americans swallow it. Let us focus on the core issue here as real people know who this Crapper in the Diapers is (MIA=Misguided Ignorant Arrogance).

By the way, did Tony Blair find "weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq? This is exactly what Tamil Diaspora's "Genocide" accusation is about - "a weapon of mass fabrications and Lies"!!

How many innocent civilians got killed during Iraqi and Afghanistan invasions by the US led alliance, with Britain leading the group just behind George W. Bush? None or by tens of thousands? Where was Human Rights Watch then? Was Guantanamo bay a place that respected human rights and torture never happened? Where was the Biased Broadcasting Corruptors (BBC) then?

Every LTTE Terrorist is a Tamil, but not every Tamil an LTTE terrorist. Sinhalese know this fact and hence a huge Tamil population live in the southern Sri Lanka together with Sinhalese, Muslims, Burghers and Malays in peace and harmony. Sinhalese and Tamils always lived together in Sri Lanka for centuries, until the hatred and racism was injected into their blood by the psychopath Prabakaran and his psychodrama LTTE.

I still have fond memories of a Tamil family friend of my father (a teacher) who invited us to his home to share the joys and join the their traditions of Sinhala/Tamil New Year in 1979 in Jaffna. Such warm people, just like their counterparts in the south. All we talked about was what game toplay in the beach, while the ladies of the house together with my mother had prepared the meals... I miss them. Likewise, we invited them over to Colombo during Vesak and took good care of them for two weeks while staying at our place.

To all the Tamil Brothers and Sisters, we all need to UNITE against a common enemy - the LTTE terrorists, who have robbed all of us of our future, our families, our loved ones, our education, our peace and harmony, our togetherness, our oneness, our friendship, our fellowship, our mutual respects and our integrity and the right to be happy.

Now they have come to Canada to destroy our new found freedom, right to live, right to education, right to happiness, right to make your own choice, and all other rights the LTTE agents are haunting behind you to extort your hard-earned money and your families' future.

It is time... NOW. Let us shed any hatred like a snake sheds the old skin. Let us take care of one another, share the joy of reuniting. We Sinhalese do not hate you, we do not look down upon you. We all have the same problems: we all feel the pain, sorrow, sadness, hunger and rejection. Let us all join hands and work toward feelng calm, peace, harmony, joy, love and understanding. Let us construct the trust and respect we lost over three decades.

We all can learn from one another. We all can look out for each other. We all can look after one another. We all can share our feelings and the whole country together. We can recostruct years of progress denied or deprived to us. Let us not support destruction any longer.

We do not need Foreigners to tell us how to or what to do in our own country. We never told them that. Let us invite all Tamil brothers and sisters living on other lands to come visit us and show them around.

Let us wash their illusions away. Through our unity and the beauty of our Mother Lanka or Illankai. We are all children of this one mother, whether you like it or not.

The whole world (except for Liberal politicians of Canada and Britain) knows the TRUTH about LTTE and its cohorts and the "diasspora".

Check out the National post report by John Thompson, the president of the Mackenzie Institute, a Toronto-based research group focused on organized violence and political instability:

No amount of LTTE Tiger Suicide squads, be it in the form of explosives+BB strapped detonations in mass public or self-immolation by kerosene catalyzed flames, the world got to know the ruthless, VIOLENT, Cheating, deceiving nature of the LTTE parasites and its supporters and its organized violence, crime and extortionists that rivals the Mafia's modus operandi. Even Al-Qaida learns terror tactics from LTTE!

Canadian Tamil people: You are either with the terrorist and violence or you are for the peace. It is that simple.

Remember, Government of Sri Lanka is a democratically elected, sovereign nation that is responsible for protecting its territorial integrity by peace or by war, the latter if the former fails. An insurgent terrorist group cannot be equalled to this sovereign government on its actions. Sri Lanka's military forces are of the Government and they are instructed and acted on protecting the long-term peace by rooting out the cause of the terrorist war - the LTTE. Cupporting LTTE itself is a threat to the very fabric of Democracy that all of us have fought for over centuries in the Western world.

John Thompson's report clearly depicts and elaborates the exact state of LTTE's history and present, its Diaspora and worldwide terror links.

In anyone forgot, LTTE hijacked cargo ships in international maritime routes and diverted the vessels for its own war hardware shipments from Ukraine and narcotics trade. RCMP has traced banking transactins from WTM office in Toronto that released the bank transfers to Ukraine for purchasing and smuggling shiploads of C4 plastic explosives. Is this what Canadian people want - to fund death and destruction of innocent civilians and terrorist wars in other countries?

Canadian liberals need to pop open their eyes - the crime-friendly liberal laws and themes that gives more rights and privileges to the criminal than the victim are not accepted norms in the world outside. If you must find human rights violations in other countries, (HRW - make a note of this) make a report on Arabic countries on how barbaric and inhumane they treat foreigners and how barbarically medieval practises of beheading, stoning-to death, drowning, are carried out as capital punishment without a "FAIR" trial? Have you ever denounced these practices or have you accepted them as they are?

There is no Genocide in Sri Lanka. The Southern Sri Lanka has a large Tamil population living in harmony with the majority ethnic Sinhalese. Colombo city has 1/3 Tamil population per 2001 census and some of the most flourishing businesses are owned by Tamils including the Gold Jewellery district called Sea Street (100% tamil owned).

The government of SL does not comprise of Sinhalese only; Tamil politicians such as Ananda Sangaree, Karuna/Muralitharan, Pillaiyan, Douglas Devananda, work with the government who have denounced LTTE and its violence and joined the mainstream of democracy. In fact, Karuna and Pillaiyan were ex-LTTEer's who have denounced LTTE's violence and its psychopathic leader Prabakarun and joined the democratic process and the present government to fight terrorists called LTTE. They all joined the incumbent RULING party of SLFP as it does not limit to Sinhalese-only membership.

LTTE killed every critic of its psychopathic violent subversive actions. Rajiv Gandhi (former Indian Prime Minister), R. Premadasa (Sri Lankan President), Lakshman Kadirgamar (Foreign Minister of SL - a Tamil statesman), Gamini Dissanayake (Minister of SL), Lalith Athulathmudali (Minister of Defence-SL), Neelan Thiruchelvam (Leader of TULF-a Tamil intellectual), Alfred Dureyappa (Tamil Mayor of Jaffna), Jeyaraj Fernandopulle (government-Tamil minister of SL), Sarojini Yogeswaran (Mayor of Jaffna) and hundreds more Tamil leaders (see )

SL government's Gazette, every government publication are printed in all three languages. Every road sign has all three languages. Every school in the country has a Tamil medium class.

All paid-supporters and paying supporters of LTTE in Canada and elsewhere remember this: Your money is going to waste. It is funding children to arm and fight against a government force of democracy. Tell your well-fed hypertensive psychopathic megalomaniac leader Pirapaharan to surrender with weapons OR perish. Days are in single digits.

The World Tamil Movement is a racist, mono-ethnic terrorist front organization raising funds to run the LTTE's daylight dream of a separate mono-ethnic land after genocide and ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslim populations over 30 years. Your properties in Ontario and Quebec WILL BE confiscated to Canadian treasury. Confirmed. You will lose the fight in the court.

All your propaganda, be it in the forms of demonstrations, strikes, burning a sovereign nations flag, lobbying in the senates, bribing Liberal politicians, hiring the best lawyers, threats, fasting, reverse-publicity, conspiracies, cowardice, and self immolations are of no use anymore. Everyone knows (again, except Liberal politicians and the Tamil ignorants who have never been to the southern Sri Lanka.

Remember, you came to Canada for a better life. Do not just take only the best of benefits Canada has to offer you; you must contribute to Canada what you took from it. Not running a terrorist war out side the shores of O'Canada! Mix with other communities and start making bridges between your Sinhalese brothers and sisters and other ethnicities in Canada.

Also remember: Sri Lanka does not belong to Sinhalese only. It belongs to Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Malays, and other minorities. We have religious places of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Bohra's, Bahai's and others. This is true Sri Lanka. That's what it always has been. DIVISION of SL to Tamil/Sinhalese is LTTE's crafty and racist works. Refer to Mackenzie Institute and CIA website for confirmation of established facts of history.

LTTE can burn all the Sri Lanka's prod flag... this only proves your pathetic, petty, preposterous and low-life violent mentality. What do you expect to gain from this? What do you expect to achieve by waving a gun-trotting dead tiger head flag dipped in turmeric water with pussy-cat claws sticking out colored with blood stains and crying "Meeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaoooowww"? The obese, over-sized, over-fed, mega-psychopathic, megalomaniac Prabakarun, your violence and days are numbered in single-digits. Same for you, Charles Anthony. Our valiant forces are about to bring peace to Sri Lanka.

No matter what you say or do in Canada, or how much you fool Canadian or world politicians, how much you meow or demonstrate by thousands, The Democratically Elected Sovereign Government of Sri Lanka's military forces WILL liberate the innocent tamil civilians held in forceful captivity by LTTE losers and then annihilate every trace of LTTE's existence and ELIMINATE Terrorism from the face of Mother Lanka.

Then we have a land for every Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, Malay and all religions and all casts and creeds. A resplendent land where peace finally dawns upon this island nation, which it richly deserves.

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