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Navy foils LTTE attempt to kill 643 Fleeing Civilians held in LTTE hostage

Navy foils LTTE attempt to kill 643 Fleeing Civilians held in LTTE hostage

Courtesy :- “Jeffery” – The Island Sri Lanka Navy saved the lives of 643 civilians who had been fleeing amidst the LTTE's merciless firing. The Navy rescued them on the 18th March 2009 in the Northern seas. The naval personnel who were on the alert swiftly acting on the scene, foiled merciless LTTE motives to kill the fleeing civilians dispersing LTTE carders on board four dinghies.

The rescued consisted of 320 adults  and 323 children. The group had been found on board 35 dinghies while attempting to flee from the LTTE clutches in the un-cleared areas of Mullaithivu. The rescued had been badly shaken due to the narrow-escape. Speaking with fear stricken anger while attempting to hold back the streaming tears, they described how the LTTE cadres mercilessly started firing at them when they were stealthily fleeing in dinghies huddled together. Despite the LTTE's gunfire, they had kept on pushing towards the deep seas in order save themselves until the Navy came into their rescue.

Upon rescuing, all were brought ashore at Point Pedro and provided with much-needed food, refreshments and medical assistance. The rescued expressed their heart-felt gratitude to the Navy for coming to their rescue.

The exodus of the innocent Tamil civilians escaping from LTTE clutches is now on the rise. This is largely due to the confidence they have placed in the Government Security Forces whose humanitarian operations have helped Tamil civilians to extricate themselves from the terrorists' clutches. Despite the risks of being shot at and maimed for deserting the LTTE which is dying a painful but self-destined death, many manage to reach the cleared areas in large numbers in a relatively steady stream. The Tamil populace has now realized the true nature of the ruthless LTTE. They have seen the futility of shielding a merciless terror outfit which pays little respect even to those who have once given them succor and sustenance. The enlightened Tamil populace no longer wants to be misled by the false promises of a "diabolical liberation".

Sri Lanka Navy has made special arrangements to assist innocent Tamil civilians fleeing from the LTTE clutches. Naval personnel and vessels along with stand-by rescue and medical teams are on special deployment for this humanitarian assistance mission in the North-eastern seas.
Courtesy :- “Jeffery” – The Island

Courtesy :- “Jeffery” – The Island

Courtesy :- “Jeffery” – The Island
Courtesy :- “Jeffery” – The Island Courtesy :- “Jeffery” – The Island Courtesy :- “Jeffery” – The Island

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