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LTTE fighting cadre face annihilation in Puthukkudyiruppu while terror leadership hiding in NFZ 

LTTE fighting cadre face annihilation in Puthukkudyiruppu while terror leadership hiding in NFZ 

The remaining LTTE cadres still forced to fight the Sri Lankan Army in the anterior of the No Fire Zone are now facing a total annihilation, as the soldiers are engaged in a man-to-man combat against them, in the last terror pocket in Puthukkudyiruppu East.

According to the battlefield reports, over 100 LTTE cadres were killed in yesterday's fighting (Apr 4), while the soldiers managed to collect at least 93 bodies of slain LTTE cadres by last evening. Sources, citing the soldiers on the frontline said there were dozens of more LTTE bodies lying scattered in the forward areas, as the terrorists had taken to flight leaving their dead and wounded behind.

Troops of 53 and 58 Divisions [Div] and Task Force 8 on Wednesday (Apr 1) made another spectacle in military manoeuvre by dividing the remaining LTTE fighting cadre in to several isolated groups and surrounding them separately. According to the defence sources, troops have asked the trapped LTTE cadres to surrender, before launching the military onslaught against them.

" We called them to surrender via their [LTTE] radio frequencies, but they were ordered to fight to their death by the LTTE leadership", a senior ground commander told

Asked why the LTTE cadres chose to do so, he said that they had no other option.

" Their family members are held hostage by the LTTE leadership in the NFZ. In reality, they [LTTE] were not ordered to fight to their death, but ordered to, not to even think about coming back to NFZ alive, if they have any love for their family members there", ha said.

"We heard them pleading the LTTE leadership to let them withdraw before we attack them, but their request was not granted", he added.

Infantrymen 5th Vijayaba Infantry Regiment [5 VIR] operating under the 53 Div scored the greatest battlefield victories for the day as they collected 34 bodies of slain LTTE cadres along with a haul of weapons during yesterday's operations. Among the other items seizes were, one 30 mm anti-aircraft machine gun, three 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine guns, seven multi purpose machine guns [MPMG], three light machine guns [LMG], 43 T-56 rifles, six T-81 rifles, two 40 mm grenade launchers, four 5.56 mm weapons, three RPG launchers, 28 radio communication sets, one disposable RPG launcher, three improvised explosive devices [IED] and a stock of tools of heavy weapons.

Sources told that the 30 mm cannon has been identified as the 'mysterious weapon' often cited by the fighter pilots that they were fired upon during their missions.

Elsewhere, 6 Gajaba Regiment [6 GR] troops operating under the 53 Div found one body of an LTTE cadre, three T-56 rifles and one RPG launcher following day's battles. Also, snipers in the forward deployed forces confirmed four successful terror targets.

Infantrymen of 20 GR and 12 GR jointly scored the best battlefield success for the 58 Div for the day, as they collected 48 LTTE bodies from the Anandapuram terror pocket. Troops of 20 GR collected 23 LTTE bodies with 6 T-56 rifles, one RPG launcher, one 12.7 mm anti-air machine gun and one 16 mm weapon, while the 12 GR soldiers accounted for 25 LTTE bodies.

Also, 8 GR troops attacked and captured a terrorist base inside the Anandapuram pocket during day's fighting. Troops collected 10 LTTE bodies along with one US made M16 rifle. Among the other items found were a luxury jeep, an armour plated container, a van, and two motorbikes.

The infantrymen of 14 GR scored an unprecedented battlefield victory for the Army yesterday, as they became the first group of soldiers to capture a 130 mm artillery gun in combat. Soldiers braved the raging artillery fire with the gun fired on the direct role or the cannon fired horizontally to the ground, and captured the gun after beating off its operators. Troops also captured four T-56 rifles, two claymore mines, 40 improvised bombs, 55 hand grenades, radio communication sets, ammo, explosive devices, etc.

Separately, troops 4 Gamunu Watch (4 GW) captured 34 T-56 rifles, five T-81 rifles, 5 RPG launchers, one MPMG, one claymore mine, 20 radio communication base stations, and weapon accessories during the day. Two barrels used for RCL weapons found by the 6 GW troops.

According to the sources, all the senior LTTE leaders are now hiding in the No Fire Zone holding the civilians as protective shield. Majority of the battle hardened LTTE leaders were killed in action, while the most senior cadres of the outfit are now getting ready to send the child soldiers to the frontline as the soldiers getting closer to the No Fire Zone boundaries, the sources added.

LTTE used vehicles and amour plated combat vehicles found by 58 Division troops during advances made in general area East of Puthukkudiyirippu. 

LTTE used vehicles and amour plated combat vehicles found by 58 Division troops during advances made in general area East of Puthukkudiyirippu. 

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