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World's largest hostage rescue mission becomes success; over 30,000 rescued

World's largest hostage rescue mission becomes success; over 30,000 rescued

Latest reports received from the Sri Lanka Army 58 Division indicate that over 30,000 civilians held hostage by LTTE terrorists at Puthumathalan and Amplalavanpokkani areas have been liberated. According to the sources, several thousands of others are waiting them to be rescued by the armed forces. All hostages held in Ampalavanpokkanai and Valayanmadam areas have been rescued, the sources added.

The mass rescue operation reached a significant phase when troops captured the 3 km long earth bund built by the LTTE, on the western border of the No Fire Zone this morning (Apr 20). With this capture troop opened a safe route for the hostages to come out of the LTTE grip which was occupied by tens of thousands civilians seeking refuge with the soldiers.

Meanwhile, defence sources on the field said that LTTE terrorists have launched a cowardly attack at the Tamil civilians leaving their grip. special correspondent in the area said that three LTTE suicide cadres have exploded themselves killing dozens of refugees including women and children.

"The terrorists initially fired at the civilians on the causeway using heavy machine guns. When they stepped into the lagoon to avoid LTTE machine gunfire, three LTTE cadres ran on to them and exploded themselves", he said.

More information will follow...

Civilian hostages arriving in numbers fleeing LTTE hostage at Puthumathalan on Monday morning(20th April, 2009).

The worlds largest ever hostage rescue operation in pictures(20th April, 2009)

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