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'No let down in food distribution to NFZ, over 3000MT delivered- WFP

'No let down in food distribution to NFZ, over 3000MT delivered- WFP

The World Food Program(WFP) country officials yesterday(May 4), while refuting baseless assumptions of 'inadequate' food supplies to the civilian hostages in the No-Fire-Zone by some skeptical individuals and clans, repulsed fiction with fact confirming 'no let down in food distribution to hostages in the NFZ'.

"Since February till end of April the WFP in collaboration with the Sri Lankan government has send over 3000MT of food supplies", said Aseb Asrat, Deputy Country Director of the WFP.

The LTTE and its proxies have been engaged in a relentless campaign to portray a human suffering in the NFZ caused due to lack of food supplies despite over 115,000 hostages been rescued by the security forces since 2oth April, and the remaining estimated between 15,000 - 20,000.

The food items sent for distribution include rice, wheat flour, lentils, sugar, edible oil and corn and soya blend along with a mix of vegetables, she said adding that they(WFP, 'not aware about the number of people still trapped in the War zone since they are not present on the field'.

Ms. Asrat also confirms that " there has been no pressure from the Government to bar sending of food items" to the people trapped in the War torn area.

She also said, that the organization is working closely with the Government for better supply of food materials to the needy.


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