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Seized camera reveals dark secrets of LTTE

Seized camera reveals dark secrets of LTTE

An LTTE video recovered from the possession of a dead LTTE terrorist by the 58 Division during ground advances made into general area South of Vellamullivaikkal have proved the LTTE's use of civilians as forced labour.

The video footage provides substantial evidence on the heinous crimes perpetrated by LTTE against innocent civilians held at gun point. Indeed there is a humanitarian catastrophe, one that is caused by the LTTE alone, in the remaining swathe of land where the LTTE holds onto an estimated 15,000 -20,000 civilians as a human shield for its leaders and remaining fighters. This video provides enough evidence for the international community for seeking genuine information on the existing ground situation, a defence observer stated.

What is most startling is the observed silence of the NGOs and other 'independent observers' cum human rights activists on the unfolding civilian suffering under LTTE, despite such evidence that is constantly brought to light.

The video shows footage of terrorists in civilian attire firing at both security forces and fleeing hostages by a pedal gun fixed to an armour-plated 'Unicorn' type vehicle. In the background, civilians brought to build earth bunds are forced to camouflage the vehicle with leaves and branches. The video clearly shows another LTTE cameraman who is positioned to video any form of military retaliation towards the terrorists, taking cover among the civilians brought to forced labour. This is what they do and this is the very sort of footage extracted by international media to carry spread the LTTE's spin on the ground reality, the defence observer further stated.

According to the correspondent, the Army has destroyed two such Unicorn type vehicles, one earlier during confrontations at Puthumathalan.

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