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portrait of a psycho as a con man


portrait of a psycho as a con man

‘Portrait of a psychopath’: Intimate life of Prabhakaran exposed

Following images may be shocking and even more embarrassing for the ‘do-gooders’ of terror, saviors of the victim industry, defence ‘experts’, and politicians who continued to cuddle the tigers while unleashing abominable lies against their very own country.

Those who enjoyed making lucrative business, routine foreign tours while seeking years of asylum in the Western countries sanitizing a terrorist cause may be extremely disturbed by the unraveling dark corners of Prabhakaran's ‘deeva’ life style.

Had the Army failed to bring the LTTE terrorists down to its knees, these images which revealed the duplicity of its terror leader Prabhakaran would never have come to the public domain.

The pictures are damaging in a sense that they had exposed the true life of a man who had always pretended to have experienced innumerable hardships in their separatist cause. But the pictures tell a different story. Here a man who had deceived his people and turned thousands of young men and women to butchers and caused death and destruction on a massive scale while enjoying the company of his family.

The people had to struggle to make ends meet while LTTE leaders enjoyed the unbelievable luxury of having a swim in high security zones set up in the Wanni East in the midst of fighting. Had they been aware of the lifestyle of their so-called 'liberator' who was nothing more than a glorified bandit, they would have banished him before the Army fought its way into the last LTTE stronghold - a thin ribbon of coastal land in the Mullaittivu District.

The photographs of P'Karan, his wife Madivadini, children and some of his top 'commander' bare evidence of the luxurious life they had led as thousands of forcibly recruited children were thrown into battle. While, the recovery of millions of USD worth militrya hardware bared the extent of the LTTE overseas procurement network, the photographs of a smiling psyco shed light on the life of the man and his chief followers.

While, denying the tamil speaking people of the Northern and Eastern provinces even the basic facilities in the name of waging a liberation struggle, the gang of baby-faced killers and their families had lived a life of luxury. The funds raised by the overseas extremist Tamils for the acquisition of armaments, too have been definitely utilized by the LTTe leadership for their personal use.

The 'uniformed' men serving Prabakara's family and he wearing a camouflaged uniform with a beret similar to the one warn by troops deployed under the UN command revealed the mentality of a demented Prabakaran who cleverly exploited the weakness of his people, the extremist overseas Tamils and an international community to his advantage.

The bottom line is that the well-fed LTTE leader had never experienced the true horrors of war. Although LTTE propagandists had propagated the lie that every big battle was spearheaded by Prabakaran, the man seemed to have lived a cushy life. Had the LTTE terrorists had a half chance to destroy evidence of Prabakaran's duplicity as it rapidly retreated on the Wanni front before being surrounded by the Army on the Mullaittivu coast, a one-time hunting ground of the LTTE, Prabakaran would have done it.

Had anyone felt that Prabakaran was their man to lead the Sri Lankan Tamils, this was irrefutable evidence that he was nothing more than a fraud. The People, especially the Tamil speaking people should be grateful to the armed forces for exposing Prabakaran thereby unceremoniously ending a life of deception.

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