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Pro-LTTE media again misleads international community

Pro-LTTE media again misleads international community

LTTE terror leaders hiding among the civilians held hostage in the No Fire Zone and media sympathetic to the terrorists have once again have misinformed the international community by circulating fabricated stories alleging that the security forces fired heavy weapons at the NFZ.

Sri Lanka Defence Ministry has categorically denied these fabricated stories, published on pro LTTE websites, to capture the sympathy of the international community and also to tarnish the image of the Sri Lankan government and the security forces.

As clearly witnessed in the past few weeks, the security forces contributing in the world's largest hostage rescue mission, have saved over 116,000 civilians while LTTE terrorists fired upon them using their battle tanks and heavy mortars. The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) video footages recently published on have clearly shown the true nature of the LTTE terrorists to the international community.

The pro-LTTE propaganda machinery reactivated their operations against the security forces and Sri Lankan government while the security forces in the final phase of the humanitarian mission entrusted to them; the rescue of civilian held hostage by the LTTE.

As the troops of 58 and 53 divisions spearheading the hostage rescue mission currently in close proximity to the newly declared "No Fire Zone", the LTTE forcibly held civilians trying to breach the LTTE defences to enter government controlled area. LTTE terrorists manning possible civilian escape routes see no option other than firing at thousands of civilians trying to escape the area, bringing pressure on the armed terrorist cadres manning the line.

Panic-stricken LTTE terrorists continuously directed mortars and machine guns on the civilians in the no fire zone bringing pressure on them and prevent them from deserting the LTTE. Analyzing the Mortar locating radars, Sri Lanka Army confirmed that LTTE terrorists have directed heavy mortars at the civilians, targeting them in the newly declared "Safe Zone", which lasted for hours this morning, 10 May.

Witnessing more bloodshed by the LTTE, yesterday (9 May), 10 civilians were killed while 20 sustained injuries in LTTE firing when over 300 civilians were trying to enter the troop-held areas via the sea in Mullaittivu. The civilians managed to escape the terror grip amidst LTTE gunfire. 12 victims among them who received severe injuries were airlifted by the Sri Lankan Air Force to the Anuradhapura hospital.

Moreover, over one thousand civilians reached government controlled areas from yesterday (9 May) seeking protection with security forces though the LTTE terrorists manned all possible ground and sea escape routes. A total of 339 civilians reached troops of 59 division on sea routes while 681 more civilians reached troops of 53 Division crossing Nanthikadal lagoon.

Intercepting enemy radio communication, troops were able to gather more evidence on the LTTE's latest carnage, as LTTE ground commanders had exchanged messages revealing the truth behind the fabricated stories published on the pro LTTE websites, and international media channels.

The messages passed via LTTE communication channels in early hours yesterday (9 May) between one identified as Senduran, an LTTE cadre manning the line, and a ground commander "Priyalan", shows that civilians were trying to escape the terror grip using maximum effort to flee and the LTTE terrorists in their defence line were struggling to hold them.

Senduran: "I have captured 20 persons trying to escape, more people are coming, I cannot control them".

Priyalan: "Try to stop as much as you can till I send reinforcements".

Few minutes later another conversation between "Senduran" and one identified as "Anburaj", a senior LTTE sea tiger commander, clearly showed that the civilians refused to comply with the LTTE orders to those being held by it.

Senduran: "Give a vehicle to send 20 persons captured".

Amburaj:"vehicle with "Malaravan Master" has been sent to your place; don't let any civilian escape".

In another monitored conversation that took place with one identified as "Thirumalai Master", a senior LTTE commander, one was shocked to hear the number of civilian casualties caused by "Senduran's" firing. In this conversation "Senduran" himself told his superior commander that he had no option other than firing at the civilians to prevent them from escaping.

Thirumalai Master: "how did so many civilians got injured?"

Senduran: "Many people came, we couldn't control and we had to fire on them"

The monitored conversations clearly reveal the truth behind the fabricated stories of the terror media sympathizers to mislead the international community and tarnish the image of the security forces. Government forces are now operating in the final phase of the world's largest hostage rescue mission in order to save the innocent Tamil civilians from the clutches of LTTE terror, with high responsibility and dedication.


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