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Sri Lanka's Welfare Centers best in the world - International Bodies

Sri Lanka's Welfare Centers best in the world - International Bodies

While a few unscrupulous elements backed by the so called LTTE diaspora overseas attempt to tarnish the image of the Colombo government, all international institutions and relief bodies which visited welfare camps in the once strife torn northern area of Sri Lanka have commended that the welfare centers were the best in the world.

Foreign delegates Ambassadors have already conveyed to their respective government that the administration of President Mahinda Rajapaksa looked after the welfare of civilians housed in temporary centres in the best possible manner providing all relief measures.

Last week the United Nations Development Programme Assistant Administrative Director, Jordan Rayon visited many welfare camps in the North and expressed satisfaction over measures afforded to the civilians.

Rayon observed that the internally displaced was well looked after not only with the basic human needs but also with extensive medical facilities rarely seen in welfare centers in other parts of the globe where wars are fought.

Following that visit, Rayon assured the Colombo government that the UNDP would come out in a major way to help Colombo in the de-mining process and the re-settlement of civilians.

Rayon was delighted over the manner the government speedily moved towards the 180 day deadline to re-settle the internally displaced.

He has assured all possible assistance from the UNDP to ensure early re-settlement of the displaced.

Courtesy : Government Information Department

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