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"Lies Agreed upon" Documentary Video

Lies Agreed Upon

The Ministry of Defence, Sri Lanka, presents "Lies Agreed upon", an investigative documentary as a response to the series of Videos released by the U.K. based TV station, Channel 4, questioning the credibility of Sri Lanka's Humanitarian Mission.

The videos of Channel 4 violates all norms of professional journalism, and attempts to damage the country's long-awaited reconciliation process by showing unauthenticated video footages as evidence of war crimes committed by Sri Lankan military during the final phase of the Mission.

Sri Lanka government has proved with facts that the videos are not genuine and the war crime charges are baseless at numerous occasions to the world.

However, various Human Rights group and LTTE front organizations uses these videos as propaganda material against Sri Lanka to pursue their own objectives, ignoring the fact that their project is detrimental to the recovery process of a nation that suffered immensely due to terrorism.

Sri Lanka forces defeated a terrorist group that was once known to the world as the deadliest and the most sophisticated terror group of all in May 2009.

"Humanitarian Operation - Factual Analysis" is a detailed report published by the Ministry of Defence on the campaign that finally liberated the nation from the clutches of terror. This video expose the sinister nature of the campaign that attempts to breathe life to the terrorism so defeated.

The video documentary produced by the Ministry of Defence Sri Lanka
“Lies Agreed Upon”

Part I


Part II

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False allegations will be laid to rest with the 'Factual Analysis Report'- Secretary Defence

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