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"Ruthless" screened showing LTTE's ruthlessness

"Ruthless" screened showing LTTE's ruthlessness

"Ruthless" the documentary movie produced by the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development was launched today,(08 Feb) morning at the auditorium of Media Center for National Security.

The Documentary depicts many horrendous atrocities committed by Tamil Tigers, during the past three decade long of war. So far, quite a few were revealed to the world. Majority of them were hidden and remained unknown and needed to be unearthed to show the world that, how Tamil Tigers really were. Sometimes, people who have witnessed them still feared to reveal their horrific experiences since; they know who LTTE was when they were under them.

However, the documentary "Ruthless" recounts true accounts of survivors who once, had lived under brutal and repressive regime of Tamil Tigers; now speak freely, of what they had experienced during the days of war.

The Tamil Tigers not only targeted innocent civilians but also targeted many religious places, the clergy, children and even their disabled and wounded cadres.

The "Ruthless" is a story about such crimes against humanity.

It is well known to the world that many calculated efforts are being taken by various groups to whitewash the LTTE and its atrocities and accusing the government of Sri Lanka for allegedly committed war crimes instead.

The "Ruthless" is released amidst such allegations to show the world that what really had happened during the time of war.

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