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Gen. GSC Fonseka elevated to the rank of 'Field Marshal'

Gen. GSC Fonseka elevated to the rank of 'Field Marshal'

General Sarath Fonseka was elevated to the rank of Field Marshal under the patronage of the President Maithripala Sirisena in a fascinating military function held at the Defence Ministry premises short while ago (22nd Mar). He is the first Sri Lankan to be honoured with the highest rank in the Army.

The entire function replete with military traditions which awarded the highest Army rank has turned a new page in the annals of the country today.

A prearranged video documentary on the General Fonseka was screened at the outset of the function. Following to the announcement of the Citation by the Secretary to the Ministry of Defence Mr. BMUD Basnayake, President Maithripala Sirisena presented the Field Marshal baton to the General GSC Fonseka ceremonially. In the meantime, Field Marshal Flag was also hoisted to mark the conferment of the rank.

Speaking at the event President Sirisena recalled on the heroic deeds of the valiant war heroes those who brought eternal peace to the country. Further praising the unswerving military leadership of the Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, President also recalled on the heroic ancient Sri Lankan kings those who brought immense credit in the past. President said that, our nation with its proud history records many heroic, gallant and unparalleled victorious achievements. Among them were internal conflicts as well as external invasions. All Sri Lankans during those challenges fearlessly stood together, showing patriotism and bravery by setting an example to the rest of the world, he added.

President lauded on the timely and the correct application of his expertise knowledge and military skills during the humanitarian operation. In concluding President noted that, "we should construct the future while taking the past as an example".

Field Marshal Fonseka's triumphant military career spanned for almost four decades has immensely contributed to the Sri Lanka war against the LTTE terrorists. Under his go-getting command, Army conducted a victorious battle against the ruthless LTTE terrorists in Sri Lankan war while operating its troops successfully to liberate North and East regions in 2009.

The significant conquests achieved by the Sri Lankan Army during this war under the proactive military leadership of Field Marshal Fonseka convinced the entire nation a new sense of confidence on him and accordingly his service was also came under the praise of the populace.

During the peak of the battle and all through the humanitarian operation he played the integral role to conclude the three decade long Sri Lankan war in 2009 while defeating the cruel LTTE leadership.

He was elevated to the rank of General immediately following to the victory of Sri Lankan Armed Forces and also appointed as Chief of Defence Staff. On receipt of the retirement he entered politics as the common opposition candidate in the 2010 Presidential election and also contested against the former President.

This esteemed rank of 'Field Marshal' is a Five-Star rank which is equivalent to an 'Admiral of the Fleet' in the Navy and 'Marshal of the Air Force' in the Air Force. Field Marshal would remain in service in uniform for life and would bear the special baton in the left hand. He is entitling for a separate staff with security.

Hon. Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe, Chief Justice, Defence State Minister, Government Ministers, Secretary to the President, Defence State Secretary, Secretaries of the Ministries, Chief of Defence Staff, Tri Forces Commanders, Foreign Diplomats and a large gathering of distinguished invitees were present at the ceremonial function.


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