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'No Fly Zone' and 'Fishing Ban' imposed to keep away of Space Junk

'No Fly Zone' and 'Fishing Ban' imposed to keep away of Space Junk


A state of 'Fishing Ban' and a No-Fly-Zone have been imposed in the Southern sea area and over the sky as a space debris named WT1190F is expected to enter the Earth's atmosphere on 13 November. The space junk is expected to fall into the ocean about 65km to 100 km off the southern coast of Sri Lanka.

According to the scientific information, its mass is not sufficient to cause any threat to the area as it appears to be manmade and quite small. Possibly it could burn-up when it enters the earth's atmosphere and remains will fall into the sea.

The object could be a remaining piece from an early moon mission and is expected to fall around 11.48 a.m. in the local time.

Chief Air Traffic Controller of the Airport and Aviation Services Sri Lanka, Ms. Krishanthi Tissera mentioned that they will observe a no fly zone above the southern sea area on Friday. Similarly, the Fisheries Department also have alerted respective regional authorities on a fishing ban in the supposed sea area.

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Space Junk is not sufficient to cause any threat

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