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Progress of Land Reclamation & Development Corporation

Progress of Land Reclamation & Development Corporation

The Land Reclamation & Development Corporation is an Engineering Organization specialized in inland dredging with a large fleet of machinery and the expertise knowledge in the field. It has been engaged in design of drainage plans for marshy lands and structural designs for multi storied buildings and hydraulic structures for last 40 years.

Due to the terrorists activities prevailed about 30 years in our country the speed of the development projects including the activities of LRDC reduced. However, Sri Lanka was able to regain its lost freedom again in 2009 under the leadership of H.E. the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and spring from the ruins of a horrible terrorist war.

With the view of accelerating the development activities and making the Colombo city a flood free city the LRDC was brought under the Ministry of Defence since April 2010. Since then, on the instructions of the Secretary Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa the LRDC has done an immense service to upgrade the development drive of the country.

Extraction of Off-Shore Sand

Due to indiscriminate mining and extraction of river sand, the Government imposed conditions to restrict the extraction. This, along with the high demand for ongoing highway construction projects, increased the price on the river sand and created a scarcity of sand for the construction industry. The Government initiated studies to determine alternative ways of obtaining this resource, such as:

  • Manufactured sand

  • Mining of off-shore sand

This corporation has been supplying washed off-shore sand for the construction industry and three sales outlets Muthurajawela, Mudun Ela and Kirimandala Mawatha were established for this purpose.

A new contract has been awarded to Dredging International NV of Belgium for mining and pumping of 3,000,000 meter cubes of sand. This project commenced in April 2011 and scheduled to be completed by end of December 2011. Total project cost is dollars 19,860,000(without Taxes). It has been planned to implement this project from the available funds of the corporation with recoveries from sales of sand to Colombo Katunayake Expressway Project

Treasury Grant Projects

The corporation is maintaining four Regional Offices at Orugodawatta, Kirimandala Mawatha, Kirulapone and Attidiya. In addition to manual cleaning, the corporation deploys mechanical equipment such as dredgers, excavators, backhoes, tractors and tippers to dredge and clean the canals and embankments.

Several places in the Colombo metropolitan region is subject to inundation during rainy season due to various shortcomings in the drainage system. The heaviest devastating floods occurred in last November, 2010 causing severe inconvenience to the general public with property damages. On the direction of the Ministry of Defence, the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation(LRDC) has adopted several urgent flood litigators measures which include rehabilitation of existing canal system, dredging of low line lands creating water retention lakes and controlling of haphazard filling of low lying Lands etc.

Under the accelerated drainage improvement program, a number of lakes have been created in Sri Jayawardanapura, Kotte area such as Waters Edge Site- Bataramulla, Rampalawatta low lying area at Pelawatta and Upperstream of Diyawanna Lake at Thalawatugoda etc. The cost for these special projects already completed and to be completed before the end of the year 2011 is estimated to be Rs. 483 milion.


Some of the special work carried out by the Corporation under the treasury grant, is as follows.

  • Construction of Water Retention Lake at Diyawanna Garden - Rampalawatta

The dredging of lake has been commenced in November 2010 and it includes dredging of lake area, construction of spill and formation of Bund. The total estimated cost of the project is Rs. 216.5 million and the cumulative value of work done is Rs. 82.4 million.


  • Construction of Water Retention Lake and cutting of Hillocks with in the Waters Edge Premises.

The project comprises of dredging of three lakes and cutting of earth hillocks in Waters Edge premises. Total estimated cost of the project is Rs.238.2 million.

  • Construction of Thalawathugoda Lake

The total estimated cost of the project is 40.7 million. Project commenced in November, 2010 and expected to complete by end of December, 2011.

  • Canal Bank protection work using sheet piles and gabion

Bank protection work using sheet piles and gabion has commenced in St. Sebastian South Canal. Sheet pile driving has already been completed near south lock gate. Total estimated cost of the project is Rs. 36.49 million and progress of the work done up to date is Rs. 25.9 million.

Construction Projects for Clients

  • Construction of the Proposed Shopping Complex at Badulla (Stage II)

The estimated value of the project is Rs.20.5 million and the work commenced on 1st December 2010. This Project consists of construction of 1st floor level to 2nd floor level. The second floor area is 2,175.04 m2. First floor level was completed in 2010.

  • Construction of the Proposed Shopping Complex at Badulla (Stage III)

The estimated value of the project is Rs. 30 million and date of commencement will be 01st September 2011. Duration of the project is 5 months. The project consists of the finishing work of the building and landscaping work.

  • Interior work to Finance Division of National Water Supply and Drainage Board.

Total project cost is Rs. 25 million and the duration is four months. The project consists of civil work, Aluminum partition, supplying of furniture and IT/ telephone/voice system. Work is in progress.

Self Funded Projects

  • Construction of Circuit Bungalow at Kataragama

This consists of completing the 1st floor level to roof level at a cost of Rs 12.55 million. The work commenced on 15th July 2010. Work is in progress.

  • Construction of New Office Building for the Corporation

The estimated value of above work is Rs 75.33 million and it involves the construction of four storied building with all the finishing work. The work commenced on 15th July 2010 and is scheduled to be completed by August 2012. Work is in progress.

  • Hire of machinery

The corporation has its own fleet of machinery for the use of various projects undertaken by the corporation. The excess capacity of the machinery is being hired to the outside clients. Other areas of work carried out includes dredging projects, fabrication work, consultancy services for electro mechanical work and repair and maintenance of vehicles and machinery.

During the year more than 80% of the own fleet of machinery were utilized for maintenance of Colombo Canal Network

  • Consultancy Services

The Corporation undertakes consultancy work on storm water drainage designs and preparation of storm water drainage master plans, structural designs for buildings and bridges, environmental impact assessment reports/Initial Environmental Examination reports for the public and private sector institutions.

  • Low Income Housing Project Salamulla

In keeping with the Governments venture to eradicate shanties, UDA has launched the above project. This is a turn-key project, to construct apartments with the provision of infrastructure facilities to resettle low income families. It consists of design & construction of 12 storied buildings, one building (Block A) with 18 apartments and 5 buildings (Block B) with 33 apartments on each floor. This project will be implemented in 2 stages. Phase I, consist of design and construction of Block A & 02 buildings from Block B. Total of number of apartments for Phase I is 1008.

The architectural and structural designs & construction work for Phase I has been handed over to this Corporation.

The estimate for design and build of block A is Rs. 580.75 m. The piling work has been completed. It is expected to complete the superstructure of block A by the end of 2012. The estimated consultancy fee for construction supervision for year 2012 is Rs. 9.4 m.

It is expected to complete the foundation work and commence the superstructure of 02 blocks of block B in 2012. The estimated consultancy fee for year 2012 is Rs. 24.6 m.

  • National Centre for Non Destructive Testing for Atomic Energy Authority

3 storied building is to be constructed as the National Centre for Non Destructive Testing at Mudun Ela. The Corporation has been awarded the architectural and structural designs and construction work. The draft estimate for the consultancy work for 2012 is Rs. 4.0 m. It is expedited to complete construction work by the end of 2012.

  • Sale of lands and leasing of lands

One of the main objectives of the Corporation is creating new lands required for industrial, commercial and housing purposes in a flood free environment. In achieving this objective, corporation performs in the following areas.

  • Acquisition of lands suitable for development.

  • Acquisition of lands required for GCFC & EIP.

  • To be the Custodian of the acquired lands and Management of such lands.

  • Disposal of lands as per the guidelines on land alienation.

  • Declaration of wet lands as per the amendment Act. No. 35 of 2006.

  • Special Project

Controlling of Unauthorized Land Filling

Corporation is involved in controlling and removing unauthorized low lying land filling which is mostly reported by the public and the Corporation proceeds with these activities to ensure a flood free environment.

Implementation of Weras Ganga Basin Storm Water Drainage & Environment Improvement Project

The Weras Ganga Basin which is a sub catchments of the Bolgoda Basin is adjacent to the Greater Colombo area and most of the basin has been urbanized. It is also expected to be highly developed in the future causing serious flooding in the area. Therefore there is an urgent necessity for the storm water drainage project for the Weras Ganga Basin.

Weras Ganga Basin plays an important role as a center of economic and social activity and provision of housing for the people of Colombo Metropolitan Region. Some part of this basin are centers of industrial and commercial activities and other sections have been characterized mainly as residential areas, and the potentials for residential development is high due to urban sprawl phenomena from Colombo and migration from the other areas of Sri Lanka . The area surrounding Weras Ganga provides a waterfront environment and is a popular area for recreational activities as well as residential development .

Therefore, implementation of this project promotes sustainable development activities and enhances environment which will promote tourism industry mainly with protection of Attidiya Bird Sanctuary and Bolgoda Canal.

Original concept has been divided in to two stages as Phase I & Phase II .

Phase I which is scheduled to be commenced immediately includes improvement of following schemes.

  • Dredging of Weras Ganga.

  • Improvement of Nugegoda - Rattanapitiya Ela.

  • Improvement of drainage system of Bolgoda marsh.

  • Improvement of Boralesgamuwa North Canal.

  • Improvement of Boralesgamuwa Sourth Canal.

  • Improvement of Maha Ela.

The approval of Cabinet of Ministers was given on 24.02.2010 (memorandum No. 2010/CP/11). It is scheduled to be commenced Phase I of the project within the 1st quarter of year 2012.

Total project cost of Phase I is Rs. 8,000 million. Expected financial arrangements is Rs. 6,800 M. will be obtained from foreign funds and Rs. 1,200 M. will be funded by the Government of Sri Lanka. Contract period of Phase I is 36 months. CMEC has been selected as the contractor of the project.

  • Metro Colombo Urban Development Project (MUCDP)

The flood mitigation & water front management (major part of component 1) is supposed to be carried out by SLLRDC under this project. The project is funded by World Bank & will be implemented under two stages spanning for four years. The approximate cost of the project component 1 is 100 million US$.

The work scope includes improvement of main canal system (belongs to SLLRDC) & micro drainage system a (belongs to CMC) including bank protection works, creation of retention lakes, improvement of drainage crossing structures, introduce pumping stations to pump out flood water, implementation of water based transport services, implementation of RTC (Real Time Control) System etc.

Beira Lake Bolgoda Canal Dehiwala Canal
Kolonnawa Canal St. Sebastian Canal Wellawaththa

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