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Last modified on: 3/13/2012 7:40:43 AM Terrorist Cry Human Rights: Evidence!

Terrorist Cry Human Rights: Evidence!

Many facets of Puthirasigamani Sugunya

As a member LTTE with Nediyawan in Wanni in 2004

As the Deputy Speaker of TGTE in USA in 2010

As a Human Rights Activist

Soon after the military defeat of the ruthless blood thirsty LTTE terrorist organization by the Sri Lankan Security Forces, LTTE terrorist fronts shifted from military strategy and put on the trappings of a democratic and political approach. Thus, they formed the so called Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) to whitewash the crimes they committed against humanity and survive on the foreign soil.

The prime aim of this falsely claimed TGTE is to lobby foreign governments and politicians for the establishment of a separate state in the North and East of Sri Lanka and to unleash the same terror they know, once again on the innocent Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka. The TGTE established its offices in western countries where the pro-LTTE Tamil expatriates are found in significant numbers, and some of them who earlier played an active role in the LTTE's international arena now function through such offices, holding dubious office.

V Rudrakumaran a Tamil Tiger terrorist is a US citizen and a long time Legal Advisor to the LTTE terrorist leader V Prabhakaran. The appointment of a 14 member committee by Rudrakumaran seemed completely arbitrary. It consists of prominent pro-LTTE activists as an advisory group to study the TGTE concept. In May 2010, 135 members were elected to the TGTE via an online election. The Tamil "Diaspora" did not respond positively to the TGTE election since more than 85% of "Diaspora" Tamils refrained from voting. However, TGTE has held three sessions in USA in May 2010, September 2010 and February 2011, and subsequently Rudrakumaran and 22 others were appointed as so called "Prime Minister" and "Ministers" of the TGTE respectively.

V Rudrakumaran with the most Ruthless Terrorist Leader V Prabhakaran in Wanni

V Rudrakumaran addressing pro LTTE gathering in 2011

However, it is evident that the alleged TGTE is none other than a front for the LTTE, pushing the same Eelam concept with a different approach. Further, the members of the TGTE, who present themselves as Human Rights champions, are also none other than members of the same terrorist outfit. A haul of documents, digital data, photographs and many other items recovered during the humanitarian operation give evidence and have clearly exposed such links.

Puthirasigamani Sugunya, is a prominent figure in the Tamil Circle in Switzerland. She contested for the TGTE election held in May 2010 from Berne, Solothurn in Switzerland. She was elected and later appointed as the Deputy Speaker of the TGTE. It is very interesting to see that this Puthirasigamani Sugunya is also a member of the Tamil Tigers which committed brutal crimes against humanity. She arrived in Wanni, Sri Lanka, in the year 2004 and became a member of the LTTE. She attended a training program under the LTTE Terrorist International Coordinating Wing. The LTTE Recruitment Form filled by Sugunya in her own handwriting had been recovered during the humanitarian operation, which his clearly exposed her links with the LTTE organization. In the same form, she has indicated that her parents have financially contributed to the LTTE organization (please see the LTTE Recruitment Form filled by Sugunya).

English Translation

LTTE Recruitment Form filled by Suganya

Though, the TGTE today is acting as the sole saviors of humanity, clamoring to promote Human Rights, they are haunted by the vicious bloody links they had with the ruthless LTTE terrorists who committed crimes against humanity, which are often beyond expression and comprehension in the modern civilized world.

Despite the bloody nexus with LTTE terrorist group the TGTE has also participated in the fundraising campaign of Amnesty International (AI) which organized by the Canadian LTTE Front Office - Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC).

Participation of Rudrakumaran Faction (TGTE) to raise funds for Amnesty International to promote LTTE interest

Amnesty International Secretary General addressing the same pro LTTE lobbies

In analyzing these developments, it is clear how this former terrorist outfit that has committed a multitude of brutal crimes against humanity, has now changed its stripes and is working towards the same terrorists' goals. It is unfortunate that many Human Rights groups including Amnesty International, other global institutions and some Government bodies have been caught in to be in the pay of terror outfits like the TGTE. The cunning nature of the LTTE has either deceived them; they have been deliberately refusing to seek the truth; or, are comfortable in remaining ignorant of facts about a terror-related organization that claims to represent the Tamils in Sri Lanka and abroad.

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