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Weras Ganga Developing Project

Weras Ganga Developing Project

Colombo is not the city it was several years back. The transformation of the city began under the visionary leadership of Secretary Defence and Urban Development Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa. Under the multi faceted Metro Colombo Urban Development Project plans were mooted to develop the commercial capital and its suburbs into a model green, clean people friendly city.

With the dawn of peace in 2009 the government took steps to streamline the development of Colombo. Accordingly the subject of Urban Development was brought under the Ministry of Defence. And under the brainchild of Secretary Defence began the transformation of Colombo.

Within a short period of time a number of projects have been completed. Nawala canal, Diyatha Uyana Park, Nawala Wetland Park and Diyawanna Lake development are some of them. These projects have been completed by the urban Development authority in collaboration with other state entities and Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation, Colombo Municipal Council are two of the important project partners. Construction works of these projects were handled by the tri forces and the Civil Defence force.

Nawala canal before developed Diyatha Uyana before the project Weli Park before the project
Nawala canal after developed Diyatha Uyana after the project Weli Park after the project

The Weras Ganga Basin which is a sub catchments of the Bolgoda Basin is adjacent to the Greater Colombo area. As most of the basin has been urbanized which has resulted in the getting flooded during the monsoons. Therefore there is an urgent necessity for the storm water drainage project for the Weras Ganga Basin.

Weras Ganga Basin plays an important role as a center of economic and social activity and provision of housing for the people of Colombo Metropolitan Region. Certain areas of this basin are centers of industrial and commercial activities and other sections have been characterized mainly as residential areas, and the potentials for residential development is high due to urban sprawl from Colombo and migration from the internal parts of the Island. The area surrounding Weras Ganga provides a waterfront environment and is a popular area for recreational activities as well as residential development. The implementation of this project not only promotes sustainable development activities but also retains a green environment and promotes tourism. The protection of Attidiya Bird Sanctuary and Bolgoda Canal is also assured under the project.

Original concept has been divided in to two stages as Phase I & Phase II.

Phase I which is scheduled to be commenced immediately includes improvement of following schemes.

  • Dredging of Weras Ganga

  • Improvement of Nugegoda - Rattanapitiya Ela

  • Improvement of drainage system of Bolgoda marsh

  • Improvement of Boralesgamuwa North Canal

  • Improvement of Boralesgamuwa Sourth Canal

  • Improvement of Maha Ela

The approval of Cabinet of Ministers was given on 24.02.2010 (memorandum No. 2010/CP/11). It is scheduled to be commenced Phase I of the project within the 1st quarter of year 2012.

The total estimated cost for the project is projected as Rs.14, 227 million. The project will cover an area of 55.5 and the estimated duration of the project is three and a half years. The project covers the Municipal Council areas of Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte, Dehiwala Mt. Lavinia, Maharagama, Boralesgamuwa, Kesbewa and Moratuwa.

The flooding of the Weras Ganga basin is due to inadequacy of the drainage systems, poor operation and maintenance, illegal construction on Canal embankments, illegal filling of low lands, dumping of solid wastes into canals and waterways and increase unplanned urbanization.

Janatha Mw. - Werahara Downstream - Rathnapitiya Bridge Downstream - Edirisinghe Mw.
Rabarwatta Road Wela Road


Main Components of the Project

  • Dredge & improve existing canals and new canals - 22,370 m

  • Construction of new culverts & bridges- 54 nos

  • Formation of Lakes - 22.14 ha, 14 nos

  • Conservation of retention areas- 321 ha

  • Construction of peripheral canals - 10,270 m

  • Construction of maintenance roads - 25,715 m

Benefits of the project

With the completion of the project the annual flooding of the Weras Ganga basin will be greatly reduced. The newly developed infrastructure facilities will attract new business and investments. Tourism based ventures will create new employment opportunities. Economic upliftment of the people will increase the living standards of the whole society. In addition local flora and fauna will also be protected. The improved waterways can also be utilized as alternative modes of transport will not only reduce traffic congestion on the roads but also be more economical. Improved recreational facilities will allow families and others to spend quality time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Present progress

At present work has been completed in several areas. The Hydrological design has been completed and hence the sizes of the canals are also finalized. The Geotechnical investigation is now complete. The Land Survey works are in progress for land the acquisition process to begin.

Up to now all the technical matters have been finalized and the land acquisition work is in progress. The Conceptual design has been completed for estimation purposes and the structural work in progress.

Proposed areas to be developed

Ground work on the project has already been initiated in Bellanwila area. Excavating work on a 9 ha area is in progress at Present. 

ongoing works at bellanwila

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