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The Concept and Beginning of the "Thamilcholai" School System

Examining the beginnings of the 'Thamilcholai' school system, it is clear that it was designed and created by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) terrorist movement, initially within Sri Lanka. The beginnings of this school system can be seen as beginning as an orphanage in and around the year 1990 in accordance with the wishes of the LTTE leader, Velupillai Prabakaran. This orphanage was established with 90 children aged between 2-12 years. In the years 1991 and 1993 the LTTE established two orphanages namely 'Sencholai' for female orphans and 'Kantharuban Aravichollai ' for male orphans (Kantharuban was the name of the first LTTE "sea tiger" suicide cadre who took part in a suicide operation to destroy the Sri Lanka Navy ship "Edithra", in 1990). These orphanages were controlled and administered by the LTTE but to the outside world they were presented as orphanages run by an independent social welfare group.

The first school as such came into being as far back as 1995, long before allegations were levelled against madrasas, for similar alleged ties to terrorist organisations. The establishment of the "Thamailchollai" was ostensibly with the primary purpose of teaching Tamil language and culture to Diaspora children. This was an understandable motive, as in the alien environment of their adopted lands it is important that Tamil cultural values were kept and passed on from generation to generation. The reality is that they are very closely associated with the LTTE. In Europe alone there are more than 350 Thamilchollai schools with approximately 20,000 Tamil students between the ages 4 to 21. The LTTE front organizations are using most of these students not only to promote LTTE interest overseas but also as a source of income. The details of some of the schools that are functioning in Europe are given below;












8 to 25 Euros







35 to 45 CHF







8 to 25 Euros





      25       600

12 to 25 Euros







60 to 90 DK




Tamil Schools functioning under different names in Europe

MK - Post Box 65, 7400 Herning, DENMARK

TB e.V. - Bessemerstrasse 7c, 7035 Stuttgart, GERMANY

TAMOULCHOLAI - 28 Place de La Chappelle, FRANCE

TKN - Gruttolaan 45, 1742 BN Schagen, HOLLAND

TKN - Via Remo Sandron No 49, 90100 Palermo, ITALY

TKN - Via Sturla 60/4, 16131 Genova, ITALY

APTK - Nedre Rommen 3, 0988 Oslo, NORWAY

TKK - 95, Mill farm Cresent, Hounslow, Midlesex, TW4 5PJ, UK

TKN - 4 Denny avenue, Mt Roskil, Auck land, NEWZEALAND

ANNAIPOOPATHY - Matastie 5h 171, 00770 Helsinki, FINLAND

TAMILCHOLAI - Lakmanlekares Vag 51, 5tr 14558 Norsborg, SWEDEN

TKN - Beversesteenweg 3/1, 8800 Roeselare, BELGIUM

Systematic Radicalization of Tamil Youth

It is very interesting to note that while they remain one of the main components of the Tamil Diaspora the true purpose of establishment and functioning of the 'Thamilcholai' Schools has gone unnoticed. Within the 'Thamilcholai' School system it can be seen that political indoctrination began as far back as 1995 with the object of systematically fostering hatred for and supporting violence against the Sinhalese not only in Sri Lanka but throughout the world. The curriculum; while following the Sri Lanka Government Ministry of Education standards and examinations, has been carefully adapted to include a distorted version of the history of Sri Lanka, the concept of Eelam and greater Eelam. Classes were added on Tamil Eelam nationalistic beliefs, and the ideals of martyrdom. Furthermore, the cult and exploits of suicide bombers were exaggerated and glorified. Other barbaric acts of terrorism was praised and admired as heroic acts. All this contributed to the subtle brainwashing of these innocent orphans, and the planting of the seeds of Tamil nationalism, violence and Tamil Eelam.

Children dressed in LTTE combat uniforms carrying replicas of rocket launchers, missiles and machine guns in Switzerland

Innocent Tamil children in Germany being used for fund raising for LTTE


Schoolchildren as young as eight years enacting a drama dressed as LTTE suicide unit cadres

It is evident that systematic psychological conditioning of students to become martyrs and terrorists started with the LTTE long before it manifested itself in Islamist madrasas. Please see the images released by Dutch National Police Service Agency (KLPD) with regard to how Tamil children of these schools are being brainwashed to meet and promote LTTE interest overseas.

This image released by the Dutch National Police Services Agency (KLPD) on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011, shows a man loading the corpses of women onto an open wagon in a drawing by schoolchildren that depicts the Tamil rebellion. In a report sent confidentially to Dutch municipalities earlier this year, police warned that 21 Tamil schools, that run alongside children's regular education in Dutch schools, are controlled by Tamil Tiger front organizations and aim at indoctrinating Tamil children living in the Netherlands with their ideology. Photo: KLPD / KLPD

This image released by the Dutch National Police Services Agency (KLPD) on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011, shows Sri Lankan Air Force planes bombing thatched huts in a drawing by schoolchildren that depicts the Tamil rebellion. Photo: KLPD / KLPD

This image released by the Dutch National Police Services Agency (KLPD) on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2011, shows Tamil fighters holding hand grenades in a drawing by schoolchildren that depicts the Tamil rebellion. Photo: KLPD / KLPD

Exploitation of Children of Tamil Schools in Europe to strengthen LTTE war coffers

Throughout the war the LTTE cleverly exploited these schools; This was firstly as a means of generating money to fund the LTTE war machine. The Thamilcholai schools charge a fee per student ranging from 8 - 13 Euros per month from which a portion is paid as a tax to the particular LTTE front organisation associated with the school. Secondly, the LTTE used the schools to exert social control on the Tamil Diaspora. Thirdly, the LTTE used these schools as a means to indoctrinate and shape the mindset of the second and third generations of youth within the Tamil Diaspora, young people within no idea of the true situation in Sri Lanka and without any access to the political developments of the struggle back home. In short young people blinded to the reality of the conflict by systematic introduction of LTTE propaganda in their formative years. Administratively, the heads of Thamilcholai school management boards are connected to LTTE or its front organizations such as World Tamil Forum, Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) and Tamil Coordinating Committee (TCC). They also organize LTTE representatives to visit occasionally and address the children of these schools. The outcome of this is clearly visible, for example, in the increasing involvement of the Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO) in all LTTE related activity. In addition to collecting funds through regular payments, the administrators of these schools also collect funds coincide with LTTE calendar events such as Heroes' Day celebrations. Given below is a copy of a ticket distributed in December 2011 among the students in Thamilcholai schools in the guise of raising funds for developmental activities of Thamilcholai schools in France.

A lottery ticket distributed among students in Tamilcholai schools in France in December 2011

Military Training for selected Tamil youth in Europe

There is increasing intelligence insight into, and information regarding, the modus operandi of the over 350 LTTE-backed Tamil Schools spread across Europe. It has now become evident that most of these schools are either directly or indirectly administered by LTTE and have been so for a prolonged period of time with the objective of influencing and ensuring the continuous support of Tamil youth residing in Europe. It has been established that the LTTE has not only used these schools to promote LTTE interest and ideology among young people in the Diaspora but also in certain countries the administrators of the schools also made arrangements to send selected batches of young Tamils to undergo military training in LTTE-controlled parts of Sri Lanka, notably within the Wanni, during the period between 2004 - 2007. Some of these youth, who entered Sri Lanka under the pretext of visiting their relatives, engaged in terrorist operations against Sri Lankan Security Forces and civilians until May 2009, whilst some returned to their respective countries and continue to work in pursuance of terrorist objectives in the fields of fundraising, propaganda and procurement. Sri Lankan Security Forces have recovered considerable documentary evidences with regard to young Tamils and their training with LTTE. Below are three photographs of young Tamils who underwent training programmes organized by LTTE in the Wanni.

Tamil youth from Europe participated in LTTE sponsored training programme in Wanni – 2004 - 2007

Nediyawan, former Deputy Head of LTTE International wing and one of the key organizers of the LTTE training programme conducted in Wanni with newly recruited TYO activists - 2004/2006

Father (Sic) Emmanuel's visit to LTTE youth training bases in the Wanni

As per documents recovered, training sessions specially-designed for young Tamils within the diaspora were organized by "Castro", the former head of LTTE International Wing based in the Wanni together with certain heads of Thamulalyam/Tamilcholai schools in Europe through the Tamil Youth Organisation (TYO) which was established by "Castro" in order to coordinate LTTE activities overseas. It is also evident that key pro-LTTE activists such as Fr. Emmanuel, the head of the Global Tamil Forum, visited LTTE training schools in the Wanni and conducted lectures on fundraising and other subjects designed to enhance LTTE operations in Europe to the selected youth. This was confirmed during the debriefing of some of the ex-LTTE combatants who participated in these training sessions and who are presently undergoing rehabilitation programmes in Sri Lanka. It is very unfortunate that key pro-LTTE elements such as Fr. (Sic) Emmanuel, closely associated with the LTTE and its violence, and thus responsible for death and destruction within both the Sinhala and Tamil community, still continues to work on the same path under the pretext of fighting for the rights of Tamils.

Fr.(Sic)S J Emmanuel with Prabakaran's hideout in Wanni Fr.(Sic) S J Ennauel with Castro in an LTTE hideout in Wanni Fr.(Sic) S J Emmanuel addressing a LTTE rally in Germany 2011

Nediyavan Vs Urithrakumar Vs Vinayakam:

Meanwhile, the continuing cold war between the Nediyavan and Urithrakumar factions of the LTTE has intensified over the control of the lucrative business behind the 'language centers'. According to latest information received, Urithrakumar holds an upper hand in this struggle with the support of the Vinayakam faction, also a rival of Nediyavan. It is learnt that Urithrakumar faction has gained control over 50 'language centers' in Germany. Vinayakam heads the "Tamil National Remembrance Foundation", which is also a key front organization of the LTTE terrorist movement in Europe. Vinnayagamoorthy Kathirkamasegarampllai also known as Vinayakamoorthi Sekrapillai, aka Vinayakam aka Arivalagan has been issued with an INTERPOL Red Notice (No: A-19507/11-2010).

Nediyavan former deputy to Castro and head of TEPA operates from OSLO Rudrakumaran, head of TGTE, addressing LTTE Heroes Day November New York - 2011 Vinayagam, LTTE intelligence Leader operates from PARIS

Disclosure of the role of Ramalingam Nagalingam, Head of Thamulalayam Schools in Germany

The Thamulalayam schools in Germany were established in April 1990, under the name "World Tamil Movement BDR". The centers were subsequently registered in Germany in 2004 as "Tamillische Bildungs Vereinignug e.v." , V.R 6607. According to confirmed sources, Ramalingam Nagalingam heads the propaganda centers from its head office at Bessemer str 7c, 70435 Stuttgart (telephone numbers: 00497118709767, 00497118709769). Further details of these clandestine propaganda centers could be obtained through Despite the Nediyavan faction's steps to remove Selvarathnam Rathna Ruban from his position as head of the Tamulalayam school in Frankfurt, (at Ben Gurion Ring 84, 60437 Frankfurt), the latter has been able to hold on to his position due to an alliance with Urithrakumar. Furthermore, it is revealed that Veeravedan Nimalan at Siolis str 43, 64443 Frankfurt who is in charge of Thamulalayam schools is a close associate of LTTE leader and engaged in promoting LTTE interests. (Please see the picture below)

R Nagalingam was felicitated by  Prabakaran in Wanni - 2004 R Nagalingam with Prabakaran - 2004 Veeravedan Nimalan, head of Thamulalayam schools in Frankfurt


Meanwhile, for health reasons, R Nagalingam has stepped down from his role as the head of the LTTE language centers in Germany and Chelliah Loganathan is to be appointed as the head of these schools with effect from January 2012. Nagalingam was a close associate of the LTTE head Prabakaran. The successor Chelliah Loganathan too closely worked with LTTE leadership for a prolonged period time. Due to their direct contribution to brainwashing the second generation of expatriate Tamils, both of them were called to the Wanni and congratulated by Prabakaran in person in August 2004. kanakasabai Annalingam, the administrator of thamilalalagam schools in Germany is a another individual who is well connected to LTTE leadrship.Their involvements with LTTE are clear as can be seen from their LTTE recruitment forms, filled by themselves during their visit to LTTE bases in Wanni in the mid-2000s which is reproduced below. It is significant to note that how they admit themselves as fundraisers for a banned terrorist organization in Europe and their role in administering Thamilcholai schools in promoting LTTE interests.

LTTE recruitment form(Tamil) of R. Nagalingam LTTE recruitment form English  translation

LTTE Recruitment form (Tamil) of S. Loganathan

English translation
(S. Loganathan)

LTTE Recruitment form (Tamil) of Kanagasabai Annalingam

English translation
(Kanagasabai Annalingam)

Threats and Challenges ahead

In the aftermath of the defeat of the LTTE, the functioning of these LTTE-controlled schools have become ever more important to the terrorist movement. Having lost its leadership and with its organisation being dismantled within Sri Lanka, the Thamilchollai schools have become but a means to an end, namely to retain the support for the LTTE and to keep the Tamil separatist cause alive internationally. This is clearly evident as the LTTE front organizations continue to exploit the innocence of the students within these schools by glorifying violence, martyrdom and by propagating propaganda hostile to the Sri Lankan government and its reconciliation and reconstruction programme and by continuing to advocate separatism. In short, the deliberate germination and cultivation of extremism. The irony is that these children and youth will grow up to be citizens of their adopted nations - 'the developed countries' and it is very unlikely that these children/youth will go back to a third world country looking for greener pastures. They will instead practice their extremist ideals in all spheres of their social lives in the very land that gave them refuge. To this end, the growth of Tamil militancy, in the form of underworld gangs in Europe with experience in arms procurement, drug and human trafficking, could be said to be only the "tip of the iceberg" of what is to come in the future, the mutating residue of a third world terrorist movement in the first world. Further, as the curriculum practiced in these schools are not subject to any scrutiny by local authorities, these children are manipulated into serving LTTE propaganda needs by conduct or gestures, writing and by displaying violence and prejudice towards the Sinhala community. The plays and musical events conducted by pro-LTTE front organizations with the children of Thamilcholai schools in all their protest campaigns are evidence to this. This is a clear indication that the role of the Thamilcholai schools lies in being a link between the Tamil diaspora and the LTTE. They will serve to fuel the flames of communal disharmony within and outside of Sri Lanka. Given below are the latest photographs that show how the children of these schools being exploited and used to promote the interest and ideology of terrorist organization that is banned in more than 32 countries, including the Europe Union.

Use of students of Thamulalayam schools in Germany, Norway and Denmark to Commemorate Prabakarn’s Birthday –November 2011

Fr. (Sic) Emanuel one of the key organizer of the LTTE Heroes day event in Germany with the staff and student of Thamulalayam schools in November 2011


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